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Hello all. I’m giving away one Yankees Majestic jersey to one of my lucky Twitter followers. In order to enter this contest, you must submit your answers through Twitter to @Zellyanks with the hashtag #ZellsPinstripedBlogContest.

***In order to qualify for the contest, you must like “Zell’s Pinstriped Blog” on Facebook and follow @RabbleTV’s Twitter account for allowing me to do this giveaway. If you don’t do this, your submissions will not count.***

The contest will run until 3pm. The person with the most correct answers will win. Just simply identify what/who is being described in each statement. If we need a tiebreaker, I will create one with tougher questions.

UPDATE: 12:03PM ET: Extending the duration of the contest until 8:00PM…because I know a lot of people are at work and are unable to participate at this time.


1) He was the Yankees equipment manager from 1927-1985. Known as the “Keeper of the Pinstripes.”

2) He started out handling Mickey Mantle’s fan mail. Under George Steinbrenner, he became the youngest PR Director in Baseball history.

3) Name the brand and year of this card.


4) He was the “Voice of the Yankees.” Nicknamed home runs “Balantine Blasts!”

5) Identify this old man.

MLB Photos Archive

6) This Yankees pitcher passed away in a tragic plane crash in 2006.

7) This man was well known for wearing a white turtleneck under his blazer.

8) He was a Yankee Stadium fixture for many years. He was well known for carrying a shamrock frying pan and a metal spoon in his hands and cheering on the Yankees.

9) This 12 year old boy really pissed off Tony Tarasco in the 1996 American League Championship Series.

10) This prankster was known to sit on fellow teammates birthday cakes in the Yankees clubhouse with his bare ass in the 70’s.

11) From 1903-1912, the Yankees played baseball in Washington Heights, NY at this ball field.


12) A “fat pussy toad.”

13) In the last few years of his life, this Yankee had to be introduced as “the greatest living ballplayer” for all of his public appearances.

14) This man was known for introducing the blow dryer to Major League Baseball clubhouses.

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