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From Greg Bishop of the New York Times:

Fighting for his father, who died in January, for his legion of Puerto Rican fans and for his continued standing among boxing’s elite, Miguel Cotto won the first main-event bout at the new Yankee Stadium on Saturday night and handed Yuri Foreman his first loss.

In front of 20,272 fans, victory came in a fashion both decisive and bizarre.

Cotto (35-2) compiled what his trainer called “the perfect fight,” but triumphed in large part because Foreman (28-1) slipped in the seventh round and limped the rest of the bout.

The referee stopped the fight 42 seconds into the ninth round. Cotto secured the World Boxing Association’s super welterweight belt and his fourth championship. Foreman was not lacking courage, fighting and limping, slipping and punching, until the end.

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Apparently, there are some issues resolving a Bar Mitzvah scheduled at Yankee Stadium and a boxing match. MyFoxNY has the story:

Some might call it excess versus hard scrabble. Others proof that timing is everything.

Jonathan Ballan, lead attorney in the financing of the new Yankee Stadium, has booked the stadium of his 3-year-old son’s Bar Mitzvah in June.

That same night the stadium is negotiating to have a World Championship Boxing match for Yuri Foremen, who has a large Orthodox Jewish following.

Foreman, the World Boxing Association’s 154-pound champion, is represented by Bob Arum.

Arum has offered the Bar Mitzvah party to start his fight later the same night, let the kids meet the champ before the fight, and seats to see the match. But negotiations continue.

At Gleason’s gym in Brooklyn where Yuri Foreman trains, one of his corner men says it’s a serious matter for a dangerous fight with a former champion Miguel Cotto.

Fox 5 was not able to reach Ballan for a comment. According to reports, he is in tough negotiations with the boxers. At issue how much to pay for some of that Bar Mitzvah time.

I don’t know if it’s me, but this seems like it could be a simple fix as compared to other issues the Yankees have dealt with in regards to the new Yankee Stadium (See: Idiot putting a Red Sox jersey in the cement of the stadium and it’s Coors Field-esque home run rate). Either way, I expect that if the Bob Arum really wants the fight to be at the stadium, which I don’t see why Yankees officials don’t either, that we’ll see a fight at the new Stadium.

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