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Here is a look at the upcoming schedule for the Yankees. In their next 16 games, they will be face the Indians, Orioles 2X, Blue Jays, and Astros. The only team they face with a winning record over that span is the Toronto Blue Jays, who currently stand five games over the .500 mark. Ten of the next sixteen games will be played at Yankee Stadium. This is a great chance for the Bombers to catch those Rays.

NYY: [2010 Season: W-L, 28-19]

5/28-5/31: Cleveland Indians [W-L, 17-28: 4-Game Series] (Home)

6/1-6/3: Baltimore Orioles [W-L, 15-33: 3-Game Series] (Home)

6/4-6/6: Toronto Blue Jays [W-L, 27-22: 3-Game Series] (Away)

6/8-6/10: Baltimore Orioles [W-L, 15-33: 3-Game Series] (Away)

6/11-6/13: Houston Astros [W-L, 16-31: 3-Game Series] (Home)

*6/7 & 6/14- Off-Day

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Here is a look at the upcoming schedule for the Yankees. In their next 12 games, they will be facing 3 different teams, who all sit below the .500 mark at this point in the season. Six of those twelve games will be against the worst team in baseball (Baltimore Orioles, W-L, 3-16). They will be playing six of these games at home and six will be away. I’m not going to say the Red Sox are as bad as their record shows, but they clearly aren’t at their best. The Yankees need to capitalize against the White Sox and (especially) the Orioles.

4/27-4/29: Baltimore Orioles [W-L, 3-16: 3-Game Series] (Away)

4/30-5/2: Chicago White Sox [W-L, 8-11: 3-Game Series] (Home)

5/3-5/5: Baltimore Orioles [W-L, 3-16: 3-Game Series] (Home)

5/7-5/9: Boston Red Sox [W-L, 9-11: 3-Game Series] (Away)

*5/6- Off-Day

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