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This new Derek Jeter commercial is set to air tonight during the MLB All-Star Game tonight. Much like last year’s Rivera tribute, tonight will be more like a “Derek Jeter Special” than an all-star game. All eyes on Derek.

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Jimmy Fallon aired a great segment with former Yankee, Robinson Cano tonight. Yankees fans strolled through Bryant Park and booed a cardboard cutout of Robbie. Little did they know, the former New York star was standing right behind it. Let the ass-kissing begin.

One Fan: “I’m gonna boo the shit out of him…….BOOOOOOO, YOU SUCK!!!”…(Robinson walks out)….”How ya doin’ Robbie? Welcome back to New York!”

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Was in Borders the other night, and came across this sports issue of a magazine called “Out.” Little did I know, it was a gay/lesbian magazine (not that there is anything wrong with that). Quite frankly, I’ve never even heard of the magazine before. Before realizing it, I read the table of contests and saw that on page 60, there was a piece entitled “The 21 Biggest Dickheads In Sports.” As the curious person I am; I turned to the article and saw this:

“#13 The Bleacher Creatures (a group of Yankees fans) Until 2010, the folks in Section 203 cheerfully sang a homophobic version of “Y.M.C.A.” (“Why Are You Gay?”) to opposing teams.” [August 2011 Issue]

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With the Yankees and Red Sox ready to square off in their second series tomorrow, 30 Rock’s Alec Baldwin and The Office’s John Krasinski keep the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry going with a new spot for New Era titled “One Hitter” which will debut tomorrow during the opening game of the series. Check it out.


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During today’s Yankees-Red Sox game, New Era, the official on-field cap of MLB, will be unleashing their 2011 “Rivals are Forever” MLB Authentic cap commercial. The commercial will feature 30 Rock’s Alex Baldwin, a Yankees fan, and The Office’s John Krasinski, a die hard Red Sox fan. Here is a preview of some of the trash-talking that goes on:

Baldwin: “Classic Red Sox fan, go ahead and celebrate in April, we’ll dance in October.”

Krasinski: “How are you a Yankees fan at all?  It’s like being a huge fan of facism”…

Baldwin: “No, it’s like being a huge fan of winning, which we do, relentlessly.”

It has to be one of the best commercials I’ve seen in a long time. 

From the Press Release:


“We’ve created a campaign that inspires more passion and celebrates the most talked about aspect of Major League Baseball – the rivalry,” said Christopher H. Koch, CEO. “And we’ve taken one of baseball’s most recognizable rivalries and used it as a catalyst to ignite fans everywhere.”

The commercial is set to air throughout the season during Yankees/Red Sox games on: ESPN, FOX, the YES Network and NESN. They will also be shown on the following cable channels: Comedy Central, Adult Swim, Spike, FX and SNY.


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I think Hank and Hal should reach out to this family. (Video Courtesy of Jimmy Traina-ExtraMustard)

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Randy Levine -Chuck Greenberg

The Yankees organization and Chuck Greenberg are at it again. This time around, Levine calls Greenberg “delusional”. As Francesa was saying the other day on his show, why is Levine wasting his time with this guy? The Sports Pope went on to call him a “clown” and said “nobody takes him seriously.” This was the same guy who summed up all Yankees fans during the postseason as “awful” and an “embarassment.”

All this “delusional” talk came about when Greenberg started running his mouth at Rangers’ Fan Fest last Sunday. He said:

“I think if we wouldn’t have gone to Arkansas that last time, I think he was going to sign with the Yankees.”…”We pried the door open a little bit to give ourselves another opportunity. And ultimately the Phillies were able to take advantage of that opportunity that we created. While we would have preferred that he would have chosen to go with us, we’re real pleased that he’s going to the other league.”

Levine’s Response:

“I think Chuck is delusional,” Levine said. “He’s been in the game a few minutes, but it seems to be that he thinks he knows what everybody else is thinking. He should really let Cliff Lee speak for himself.”

“If he really wants to impress us then he can get the Rangers off of welfare and show how they can be revenue-sharing payers, rather than recipients for three years in row, without financing from Major League Baseball,” Levine said Friday.

Greenberg refused to comment after Levine struck back. Maybe Randy finally shut him up. Although, I have a feeling we haven’t heard the last of him. (more…)

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ZellsPinstripeBlog.com has reached a major milestone. Just recently, the site reached the 500,000 hits milestone and I think it’s a good reason to celebrate. I started this blog back in March of 2008 thinking it would just be a hobby, but it’s turned into much more than that. When I first started this blog, it was a struggle to just get a few hits per day on this site. Now, we have a forum, a great team of writers, and loyal readers. It just shows you how much this site has grown since then. I’ve gotten to know new people, learn knew things about the team and realize how great the Yankees fanbase really is. I just want to thank all of you for making this possible.

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Met Freddy 'Sez' Schuman for the very first time this season

From the NY Daily News:

Freddy “Sez”, a Yankee Stadium staple for the last 20 years, has died at age 82, according to friend Chuck Frantz.

At almost every Yankee game, Freddy could be seen outside Yankee Stadium with his daily message for the Yanks and a frying pan he banged like a drum. He also let other fans bang it as well.

He became such an institution that his lucky frying pan and spoon, thanks to Frantz, were put into the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Yogi Berra museum in 2004.

“He was a very close friend of mine,” said Frantz. “It took me by surprise.”

Freddy was also a big fan of the Manhattan and Fordham sports programs. 

Update: According to several other reports, Freddy was 85 years old…not 82.

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I ran a topic on Twitter…called: #ThingsYankeesFansHate and I got a ton of responses. It even became a trending topic in New York City. I thought I would share a bunch with some of you guys. I don’t agree with all of these, but I’ll let these fans speak out (so, don’t get offended). Here is a list in no particular order:

Things Yankees Fans Hate

  1. The Boston Red Sox and Red Sox Nation
  2. The Wave
  3. Dallas Braden and “His Mound”
  4. West Coast Night Games
  5. Fox, Joe Buck, Tim McCarver
  6. Fans who wear Yankees jerseys with a name on the back
  7. ESPN, ESPNNewYork.com, Joe Morgan, Jon Miller, John Kruk
  8. Morons who say Jonathan Papelbon is “the best closer in baseball”
  9. Playing in Anaheim
  10. Fair weather/Bandwagon fans
  11. Games televised on MY9
  12. The Rally Monkey
  13. “Rays Fans”
  14. Luis Gonzalez and his bloop single off Mariano & Game 7 of the ’01 Fall Classic
  15. Listening to Sterling & Waldman on the radio
  16. The Cleveland Indians drum
  17. The “Yankees Suck” Chant
  18. Joe West. You sir, are a disgrace to umpires everywhere
  19. The Zales Fan Marquee & people who actually pay money to be on it
  20. W.B. Mason Commercials
  21. The suits sitting in the expensive seats
  22. Mike Lupica, Ian O’Connor
  23. People who really believe you can buy a championship
  24. When girls say yes to marriage proposals at Yankee Stadium
  25. Carl’s Steaks with a 20-minute line and 67 hot dog stands with no line
  26. Outrageous facial hair
  27. Fans of other teams doing a roll call
  28. Curt Schilling, Kevin Youkilis, Kevin Millar, Jason Varitek, Pedro Martinez, David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, Jonathan Papelbon, Josh Beckett, Bill ‘Spaceman’ Lee
  29. Carl Pavano, Chan Ho Park, Hideki Irabu, Kyle Farnsworth, Jaret Wright, Kevin Brown, John Rocker, José Valverde
  30. Fans of other teams sitting in the bleachers
  31. Mascots
  32. John Henry
  33. Rainouts and off-days
  34. Flash doing commentary
  35. Michael Kay and his man-crush on Paul O’Neill
  36. Kate Smith’s rendition of God Bless America
  37. Josh Beckett’s Game 6 performance in the 2003 World Series
  38. Giuseppe Franco
  39. Yankee Stadium Parking Garages $
  40. Derek Jeter double plays
  41. Fans who really think Cervelli is Posada’s heir apparent
  42. Empty Legends seats
  43. The price of the Lobel’s Prime Rib Sandwich
  44. YMCA and Cotton Eye Joey
  45. Not being able to hit a pitcher we haven’t seen before
  46. People who bring gloves up in the grandstand
  47. Felix Hernandez, Edgar Martinez, Francisco Rodriguez
  48. The 2004 ALCS
  49. Pink Yankees hats
  50. Jimmy Rollins talking shit during the 2009 World Series
  51. The B Train
  52. Bill Mazeroski
  53. The Rays tank at the Trop, The Green Monster
  54. A-Rod (Pre-2009)
  55. Stupid Yankees Fans
  56. Losing
  57. Stub-Hub Saturdays
  58. Box Seats, according to the Bleacher Creatures

Now, I’m sure you could come up with a lot more. If you want me to add more to the list, feel free to drop more in the comments section below.

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The video caption reads: “Girl tells hotter girl she slept with her boyfriend, then got a beer to the face.”

Paul O’Neill and Michael Kay discuss Frank Pepe’s Pizza…


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I got a kick out of this…

From ESPN: PGSS correspondent Zack Robidas conducts an experiment using two Yankees fanatics, the cousins Anthony, to help Boston fans better prepare for a visit this weekend to Yankee Stadium.

“I’m going to be perfectly honest, I felt sorry for the man or the woman that had to walk around wearing this garment.”

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