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Update: 10:20AM ET: The video has been removed from Youtube, but the guys over at Deadspin still have the footage.

Update: 1:37AM ET (9/17): (There’s a video. Click here) NSFW! Best video comment so far: “Cc got a white ass..”

Ummmm…I wonder how CC feels about all of this.

(Not Safe For Work: Click here for full image)

[Photo Courtesy of Josh Canus‏ @ManwellSchreier]

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Claude Godfrey of Wichita, Kansas attended the Royals vs. Yankees game on August 15th at Kauffman Stadium. He wasn’t shy when it came to displaying the tattoos of former New York Yankees legends on his back. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)


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I don’t know about you guys, but talking on your cell phone or texting during a game is a something I don’t do. When you’re at the stadium, why should you be talking to people? Just enjoy the game. The guy had some really good seats, and he wasn’t even watching the game. I think he deserves to get his front teeth knocked out….

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They both sound like idiots. In this case though, the Yankee fan is as dumb as they get. A verbal fight breaks out between these two guys at a party, about the Yankees/Red Sox. They talk about Boone, World Series rings and Manny/O’Neill.

The Yankees fan was talking about Brett Boone instead of Aaron Boone. He claimed that the 2003 World Series was right after 9/11 (and what does that have to do with the outcome of the series anyway?). The fan also gave the WS ring argument, which is a complete joke (maybe if he was born in 1910, it would be a better argument). He also had the nerve to compare Manny Ramirez to Paul O’Neill.

Yankees Fan: Babe Ruth, Bill Buckner, Brett Boone…who am I missin..who am I missin? (You mean, Aaron Boone?)


Yankees Fan: Brett Boone..yeah…Brett Boone…yeah! We won the World Series that year.

Red Sox Fan: No you didn’t. You lost to the Florida Fuckin Marlins!

Yankees Fan: That was after 9/11!  (What? Get a clue)


Yankees Fan: 26-4! 26-4!

Red Sox Fan: How many of those did you see?

Yankees Fan: I’m only 20 fuckin years old. My grandpa saw 23 of them! (Don’t talk rings…you’re going to lose)

Red Sox fan: You were still lodged in your father’s prostate when they were winning most of those World Series.

I’m going to act as the Marriage Ref here, and hand this fight over to the Red Sox fan.


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Just the other day, there was a Kei Igawa sighting at Yankee Stadium. I wonder what he was doing there?

In all seriousness, what Yankees fan would buy a Kei Igawa t-shirt? Was this guy that excited about the signing before he stepped on the mound or something? Or or maybe he just bought it as a joke…hmmm.

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A couple of Yankees fans were pestering Kim Jones during one of her sideline report segments during the game. I guess they were just looking to get on television. One of the crazed fans actually took a bite out of Kim’s porkchop on a stick. Sick? Yes. It was hilarious though.

(Photo Courtesy of @iracane on Twitter)

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