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Dejected Orioles, thanks to Yankee Bats & Weather

We’re often quick to criticize the Yankee front office and ownership when they do something silly (Hank? Anyone seen Hank?), stupid (like criticize the team’s franchise player) or just plain baffling (like sign overused relievers to multi-year deals). But it isn’t often that we take the time to acknowledge them when they do something that reminds us the Yankees remain the classiest organization in all of MLB.

The latest example of that came about the other night. If you weren’t there or weren’t paying attention, the Yankees hosted the Orioles on what may have been one of the ten worst nights in history to play a baseball game. (Yankees won 7-1, by the way). The wind chill was in the low-30’s for the entire game, and when it wasn’t foggy there was a steady drizzle of what felt like wind-driven pellets. Often, there was both. It stands as a testament to loyal Yankee fans that anyone bothered showing up for the game. The announced crowd of 42,171 obviously included a lot of people who didn’t venture into the elements, since there is no way there were 32,000 people in the stands – let alone 42,000+.

Under different circumstances, the game might have been called due to weather. It certainly wasn’t ideal conditions to play a game and I’m still surprised none of the players wound up with a pulled anything afterwards. But that would have meant the third postponement in the Yanks first seven home games – something no team wants to do.

But the Yankees, midway through the game, announced everyone with a ticket could use their stub to either get a free ticket or 50% off a ticket for the high-rent district (excluding suites) to ANY other game. It’s a simple gesture of thanks to the 42,000 people who bought a ticket to a game that nobody should have been forced to watch outdoors. And one that will cost the Yankees every penny they made from this game – and possibly more, depending on how many of those $5 bleacher seats wind up getting traded in for a half-off ticket in the 200 level. I can’t think of another team that’s willingly thrown away a game’s gate.

Class? You betcha. Thank you, Yankees.

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The YES Network scored big ratings last night with the the Yankees/Red Sox game being blacked out on ESPN in the New York area. 

“The YES Network’s Yankees-Red Sox season-opening telecast last night generated a 10.01 average TV household rating (1,085,000 average Total Viewers), the second-highest-rated and second-most-watched regular season live sporting event ever on a New York regional sports network. It is second only to the YES Network’s April 3, 2005 Yankees-Red Sox telecast (also the season-opener), which generated an 11.64 average TV household rating (1,213,000 average TV viewers). Last night’s YES Network telecast peaked at a 12.46 TV household rating (1,388,000 average Total Viewers) during the 8:45-9:00 quarter-hour.

YES’ Yankees Pre-Game Show last evening (7-8 pm) did a 2.22 average TV household rating, YES’ post-game show averaged a 2.13 TV household rating, and an encore presentation of The Joe Girardi Show airing at 1 am this morning (immediately following the postgame show) did a 1.31 average TV household rating.”

Andy Pettitte To Retire After 2010? : Andy Pettitte can see the end of his gratifying career approaching and can feel the number of games he might have left reduced to a precious few dozen. Pettitte is fine with that scenario, content with trying to help the Yankees fashion another memorable season before probably retiring. “I can’t just keep on playing,” Pettitte said. “I need to get back home.”

-Tommy John’s youngest son, Taylor Simmons John, passed away on March 9, 2010. A moment of silence was held at George M. Steinbrenner Field during an exhibition game against the Orioles. He died as the result of a seizure and heart failure due to an overdose of prescription drugs.

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The New York Yankees are changing up their ticket prices once again. More than a quarter of their Legends Suite seats next season will be cut by up to $1,250.

A total of 538 seats along the foul lines will be called the Champions Suite and will no longer have access to the duplex restaurant behind home plate, according to the team’s 2010 premium seat plan.

Those seats cost $500 to $1,000 this year as part of full season tickets but will sell for $300 to $500 next year. They will still have waiter service and access to lounges down each foul line with free food to take to the seats and soft drinks.

Their removal leaves 1,357 seats in the Legends Suite. Yankees president Randy Levine declined comment on the changes. Managing general partner Hal Steinbrenner said last month the team will review pricing each year.

After there were rows of empty seats during the Yankees opening homestand in the $1.5 billion ballpark, the Yankees in late April cut the price of 48 first-row seats from $2,500 to $1,500 and lowered 68 others from $1,000 to $650. The Yankees also gave additional free tickets to those who had bought the pricey seats.

Legends Suite seats behind the plate, which fetched $850 to $2,500 this season, will cost $650 to $1,250 next year, while seats behind the half of the dugouts nearer to home plate and the section just to the plate side will go for $800 to $1,500. (more…)

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There were empty seats at new Yankee Stadium this season, as the Bombers' attendance drops 13% from 2008.

The attendance at the new Yankee Stadium dropped 13% during the ’09 season. The new stadium itself seats less people than the old stadium did. The Yankees high ticket prices had a big impact on it as well. They couldn’t forsee the economy going down like that, so it’s hard to really blame them. They lowered a bunch of the higher ticket prices for next year.

The Yankees had only seven sellouts this year, and drew a total of 3,719,358 million over the 81 home games during the regular season. The Yankees made the postseason this year, so they will be able to sell a ton more tickets to fans who are hungry for this playoff run. You can bank on them selling out every game during the postseason. (more…)

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