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Let’s take a look iton the Yankee Stadium bar scene…

Stan’s Sports Bar & Restaurant

“The Bronx’s Best Bar for all the home games.” Stan’s has become a fixture on River Avenue, where many fans stop in before and after Yankee games for a beer. You can hear the rumblings of the 4 train as it passes through, because Stan’s is located right under the tracks. Inside, the bar is chock full of Yankee posters. Pictures and baseball cards featuring the likes of Joe DiMaggio, Reggie Jackson and Babe Ruth. Beer and the haze of cigarettes hang in the air around 5 mounted televisions on the walls, where the Yankee game is being shown. Fans sit in old-style wood bleacher seats, painted Yankee blue and white. The bar has achieved its immense popularity without any advertising, relying on word of mouth and media exposure. “It’s a landmark.”

Stan's Sports Bar by theodorecromwell. (more…)

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