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Do you remember that Yankee Stadium security guard who retrieved the 600th HR ball in Monument Park? Well, Jack Curry has his back-story:

From Jack Curry:

Frankie Babilonia was the 23-year old security guard who retrieved A-Rod’s 600th homer in Monument Park. “That was really cool,” he said.

Babilonia was filling in on the Monument Park post for another security guard so that’s why he was in position to get A-Rod’s 600th homer.

Frankie Babilonia told me that scooping up A-Rod’s 600th HR in Monument Park was “one of the coolest things in my life.” Kid was elated.

Frankie Babilonia has worked security at Stadium for 2 years, but has never met A-Rod. By day’s end, my guess is that will change.

As I spoke to Frankie Babilonia about retrieving A-Rod’s homer ball, someone joked he should have kept it. He said that was never a choice

As you can see from the picture above, Babilonia was invited to the press conference and he got the chance to meet Alex. He shook his hand, was given a autographed bat and posed for photos on the stage. I guess he was in the right place at the right time.

NEW YORK- AUGUST 04: Alex Rodriguez


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