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In part two of our look back at Brian Cashman’s track record since gaining autonomy over baseball operations, we take a look at what has happened under his hand between October 2007 and October 2008. Part one can be read here and post two can be read here.

Signings and Re-Signings

Re-signed Jorge Posada to a 4 yr/$52.4 million deal.

Re-signed Mariano Rivera to a 3 year/$45 million deal.

Re-signed Alex Rodriguez to a 10 year/$275 deal.

Signed Robinson Cano to a 4 year/$30 million deal.

Exercised 2008 club option on Bobby Abreu.

Signed LaTroy Hawkins to a one-year contract.

Signed Jose Molina to a two-year contract.

Signed Wilson Betemit to a one-year contract.

Signed IF Billy Crystal to a Minor League contract with an invitation to Spring Training. (more…)

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Going into the 2009 season many people thought two different things about Swisher. Firstly, it was thought he would be a serviceable replacement for Jason Giambi and that was until Teixeira signed. Secondly, it was thought that Swisher would be a very good bench piece, until Nady had to get a second Tommy John Surgery and ended his career in pinstripes. For a player that wasn’t expected to start, he made contributions to the team beyond statistics. With him and AJ Burnett on the team, the Yankees appeared to become a team that had more fun than previous Yankee teams. One can argue Swisher was one of the more important trades the Yankees have made in years.

Looking ahead to 2010: In the off season leading up to 2010 Nick Swisher was to work with Kevin Long in order to shorten up his swing thus allowing Swisher to cut down on his high K rate. It is likely we’ll see an increase on Nick’s .249 2009 average, but I don’t think it will be a substantial amount.While a .300 isn’t likely, I don’t think a sub-.250 is likely either. I am personally hoping for something a little bit north of there.

2010 Projection: .262, 30 HR, 90 RBI, .365 OBP

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According to Joe Girardi, while he misses the pieces that left the Yankees this offseason, he still likes the team he is taking to Spring Training in a few weeks. He seems to be reacting well to the Winn signing, almost better than most Yankees fans. I kid, I really do. Here’s an excerpt from what he said:

Girardi is enthusiastic about the team he is bringing to camp. He views the outfield mix of Granderson, Brett Gardner, Nick Swisher and Randy Winn as a versatile group, one that could create some competition in the spring — especially between Gardner and Winn.

“The thing is, everyone’s going to play,” Girardi said. “That’s the bottom line. I believe that sometimes guys need days off. We had the situation last year where everybody thought we had too many outfielders and [Xavier] Nady got hurt [in April]. I don’t think we can have too much depth. Having four guys gives us good depth, and that’s important, because you never know what’s going to happen.”

You can read the rest here.

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Today, the Yankees and Rangers swapped players in a trade of minor league players as Mitch Hilligoss is sent to Texas for Greg Golson.

In the trade, the Rangers get Hilligoss, 24,  a career .275 minor league hitter who hasn’t hit above .241 in the last two seasons of A ball.

In return the Yankees receive Greg Golson, also 24, who was the 21th pick of the 2004 draft.  Golson is 0-7 in the major leagues with 5 K’s in his career. In the minor league, he is a .263 career hitter with 737 K’s compared to 153 BB’s and a career on base percentage of .308. However, Golson has 140 stolen bases in the minor leagues which has to count for something, right?

I wonder what made the Yankees pull the trade on Golson. Maybe, with Xavier Nady going to the Cubs, the Yankees had to make an improvement over their terrible left fielder, Brett Gardner. Of course, I kid, I really do. Looking at Golson’s numbers, I’m guessing we might not see him at the Major League level for a while, if ever.

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Pete Caldera of NorthJersey.com:

While we still believe that Xavier Nady would ultimately be the best solution to fill the Yankees’ need for a corner outfielder/right-handed hitter, Rocco Baldelli might be the next best choice (considering the Yanks’ need and their hard-line budget).

There is some mutual interest here, according to a source, but nothing has advanced yet past that.

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Joel Sherman of the New York Post finds that Johnny Damon returning to the Bronx is unlikely, because the Yankees  are telling agents they have only $2M to spend.  Cashman would have to lobby Hal Steinbrenner to expand the budget to bring back Damon. Supposedly, when they were targeting Mike Cameron back in July, Hal Steinbrenner would not approve a $5.5MM increase. Damon would have to cut his salary demands by a lot, and that is unlikely. If this report is correct, $2M isn’t going to get you anything noteworthy on this FA market.

If they move on from Damon, the team’s next targets are: Xavier Nady, Reed Johnson, Rocco Baldelli, Jerry Hairston Jr., and Marcus Thames.

According to Chris Haft of MLB.com, the “signing of first baseman Aubrey Huff likely finishes the Giants’ offseason efforts to upgrade the ballclub.” So, that means no Damon for the Giants? Isn’t this guy running out of options?

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Brett Gardner is good, but isn’t he more valuable coming off the bench? To be honest, when he first came up I thought that he could be a decent outfielder. It turns out it doesn’t look like he can make it as an everyday player on this club.

We heard that Damon came down from his thought of a three- or four-year deal. Johnny offered to return for two years at $20 million. The Yankees countered at $14 million, and nothing happened after that. He probably wants to stay in New York, but obviously money means more to him then winning.

Supposedly, Xavier Nady’s price “is above the Yankees’ current budget.” The Yanks also don’t appear to be a primary suitor for Jermaine Dye, according to Jon Heyman. DeRosa (Giants), Holliday (Cardinals), Bay (Mets), Kearns (Indians) are all off the board. David DeJesus, Ryan Church, Scott Podsednik, Travis Buck, Reed Johnson, Jerry Hairston Jr. and Johnny Damon are still available. It just seems like the Yankees aren’t budging on this “we have a budget” idea.

Update: 1:30PM ET: MLB Trade Rumors: “Heyman believes the Yankees would not go beyond one year and $6MM to re-sign Johnny Damon.  On MLB Home Plate Boras said Damon “would just have to move forward,” while not faulting the Yankees for sticking to a budget.  Heyman suggests four alternatives for Damon: the Giants, Mariners, Braves, and Angels”

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According to Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Yankees have interest in Matt Capps. Agent Paul Kinzer told Kovacevic that the interest in his client is “enormous”.

Here are a few more updates and rumors from MLBTR: 

  1. ESPN.com’s Buster Olney hears that the Red Sox are looking at righty outfielders such as Xavier Nady to contribute in a utility role.
  2. Newsday’s Ken Davidoff doesn’t expect the Yankees to commit to another nine-figure salary and sign Matt Holliday, especially since they need pitching.
  3. Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News says the Yankees are glad to see Roy Halladay leave the AL East. I’m sure Yankees fans agree.
  4. Joel Sherman of the New York Post says the Yanks would be comfortable playing Melky Cabrera in left and using Johnny Damon as the primary DH.
  5. One veteran talent evaluator tells ESPN.com’s Buster Olney that the only clear winner is Seattle. Olney hears from some Yankees people who believe the Jays got less than what they were demanding from Brian Cashman & Co.
  6. Jon Heyman of SI.com says the Yankees were willing to offer Jesus Montero in a package for Halladay, but not Phil Hughes or Joba Chamberlain.

My take:

  • With Hughes and Chamberlain expected to be slotted into the rotation, Capps could fill a void in the Yankees bullpen.
  • I wouldn’t offer Matt Holliday that kind of contract. How often do eight-year deals pan out anyway? The main priority right now is to bring back Johnny Damon.
  • It’s really nice to see the Yankees organization sticking with the young guns. They were asking for too much, and I’m just glad that Doc Halladay is out of the AL East. I’m sure Jesus Montero can get some sleep now…

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     Pete Abraham spoke with Cashman about some Non-A-Rod related news and he found out two interesting things. The Yankees have no plans to place Joba in the bullpen. Sounds good to me. First off..the idea that he doesn’t have the stuff to be a starter is complete nonsense. He can pick either role, and I’m sure he would be successful in both situations.

     Cashman also said that he likes the idea of having both Nady & Swisher on the roster. They definitely give Girardi a lot of options. I want both to stay with the team as well. If I had to pick one of them to go..it would be Swisher, but that’s besides the point. Right now both are on the Yankees roster going into Spring Training….

From Peter Abraham’s Blog:

· The Yankees will use Joba Chamberlain as their No. 5 starter from the start of the season. There are no plans to pitch him out of the bullpen. “That is why bringing Andy (Pettitte) back was so important,” Cashman said.

Having Chamberlain as the No. 5 will allow the Yankees to easily skip his turn on occasion, thus controlling his innings.

· Cashman said he “absolutely” likes the idea of keeping Xavier Nady and Nick Swisher on the roster. While a trade is possible, there is value in roster flexibility. “Nady can cover us in left and right. Swisher can play first, left, right and center in an emergency. It gives our manager a lot of choices,” Cashman said.


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     Jim Donaldson came up with a 2009 Yankees/Red Sox team comparison. I found that I agree on some topics, but a few I don’t. In the end..he does say the Yankees are the better team. I can agree on that. Haha. I believe the Yankees have a better 1stbasemen, 3rd basemen, shortstop, catcher, and starting rotation. I will probably get bashed for saying this, but I believe Cano is a better player then Pedroia. Will see if I’m right a few years from now.

This is his view of both of teams:

First Base

Kevin Youkilis is a very good player. Mark Teixeira is better.

Second Base

Not even close here. Dustin Pedroia is the A.L. MVP. Robinson Cano is Robinson Cano.


The Yankees have Derek Jeter. The Red Sox have Julio Lugo and Jed Lowrie. More, in this case, indeed is less.

Third Base

I like Mike Lowell much, much better than Alex Rodriguez. As a person, that is. As a ballplayer, A-Rod is much the best, especially with Lowell coming off hip surgery at the age of 35.


Will the real Jacoby Ellsbury please stand up? Is he the budding superstar who helped spark the Sox to a World Series title in ’07, or is he the solid but hardly spectacular young player who batted .245 in June and .247 in July? J.D. Drew is a heck of player, when he’s healthy. When he’s not, local hero Rocco Baldelli, who’s had serious health problems of his own, will take over in right field. Left fielder Jason Bay hit .293 after coming to Boston from Pittsburgh at the trading deadline, then batted .341, with three homers, in 11 postseason games for the Sox. As long he’s not compared to Manny Ramirez – remember him? – Bay measures up pretty well against most players.

 As for the Yankees, Johnny Damon – remember him? – hit .303 last year and will start in left field. Center field is up for grabs between Melky Cabrera and Brett Gardner. Xavier Nady seems likely to be in right, although Nick Swisher is in the picture there, too. Overall, if everybody performs up to expectations, I’d take Boston’s outfield over New York’s, but the difference isn’t huge.


David Ortiz played a career-low 109 games last year, and his power clearly was affected by his aching wrist. His weight and conditioning could prove to be an issue, especially at age 33. In New York, expect Hideki Matsui to be the DH, at least early in the season. Matsui, like Ortiz, is coming off an injury that limited him to 93 games (he hit .294 with 9 homers and 45 RBI), and he’ll be 35 in June. If both are healthy, I prefer Big Papi.


 Pardon me if the soap-opera signing saga of Jason Varitek didn’t seem like the key to the pennant for the Sox. While his contributions to the handling of the pitching staff are considerable, he has become an automatic out in the batting order, particularly from the left side, where he hit .201 last year. Jose Molina, with hopefully (from a Yankees’ standpoint) Jorge Posada returning sooner, rather than later, gives New York a decided edge behind the plate. Posada also can DH, which you can bet Varitek won’t be doing.

 Starting Rotation

 Joey’s right – the Red Sox do have starting depth aplenty. And talent, too. The thing is, the Yankees have more of both. Looking at the lefties at the top of the rotation, there’s nothing not to like about Jon Lester. But, if they could afford him, any team in the league would take New York’s expensive offseason acquisition, C.C. Sabathia, over Lester –– at least for 2009, if not necessarily the long-term. The Yanks also spent big bucks to acquire A.J. Burnett. But he’s no Josh Beckett. As for Daisuke Matsuzaka and Chien-Ming Wang, I’ll call that a wash. It also should be noted that having those two guys as third starters (although Wang, not Burnett, may turn out to be No. 2 in New York) is a key reason the Yanks and the Sox are two of the best teams in baseball. In the old-vet category, give me Andy Pettitte over Tim Wakefield. Are Clay Buchholz and Michael Bowden better than Ian Kennedy and Phil Hughes? We’ll see. Do the Sox move Justin Masterson into a starting role? Do the Yankees move Joba Chamberlain back to the bullpen? We’ll see about that, too. Having Brad Penny ready, and John Smoltz recuperating in the wings, are plusses for the Sox, but, as I see it, the Yanks get the nod here.


 The Red Sox rate the edge in the ‘pen. In the all-important closer role, Mariano Rivera is a dead-lock future Hall of Famer. But Jonathan Papelbon, who still has to perform over the long haul if he’s to get to Cooperstown, is better right now. Masterson could be masterful as Boston’s setup man. Hideki Okajima can be counted on to get lefties out, and the hope is that Manny Delcarmen will continue to improve. Having newcomers Takashi Saito and Ramon Ramirez in the mix, along with Javier Lopez, is a plus. As for the Yankees, they’ve got Damaso Marte, Brian Bruney, Jose Veras, Edwar Ramirez and David Robertson. Which is why the Red Sox get the thumbs-up here.


 I’ll take Terry Francona, thank you very much, over Joe Girardi. If famous author Joe Torre was still in the Yankees’ dugout, this would be a much tougher call.


 The pitching staffs are comparable, but the Yankees pack more punch in their batting order, especially in the bottom third. That ability to pound away, day after day, will put them atop the A.L. East at the end of the day –– or season.


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     “The Great Bambino”,”The Babe”, “The Sultan of Swat”, “The King of Crash”, “The Colossus of Clout”,’The Titan of Terror” were all nicknames given to one man. That man’s name is George Herman Ruth.

     People don’t realize how good he really was. He dominated the era in which he played. He was hitting home runs right and left in a time where it wasn’t an everyday occurrence. Not only was he a great hitter, but he was one of the best left-handed pitchers the game has ever known.

     As a hitter, Ruth compiled a .342 AVG, 2873 H, 714 HR’s, & 2217 RBI’s. He led the league twelve times in home runs in his 22-year career. He also led the league in SLG % thirteen times, OPS thirteen times, RS eight times, and RBI’s six times. The seasons were shorter, the ballparks were bigger, and there wasn’t anything to really enhance your game. Steroids, HGH, and other performance enhancing drugs weren’t being used. He did it purely on hot dogs. (It is said that the legendary baseball player Babe Ruth once downed 24 hot dogs between games of a double header.)

-Babe Ruth was the first player to hit 60 home runs in a single season. The record stood for 34 years intil it was broken by Roger Maris in 1961.

     Ruth pitched from 1914-1933. He finished his pitching career with a record of 94-46. That is 48 games above the .500 mark. His career ERA was a remarkable 2.28. He pitched in 1,221.1 innings, and managed to throw 107 complete games.  

     “The Babe” is considered one of the greatest sports figures in American culture. He is still considered by many to be the best player of all-time. I agree with them. The power numbers he put up in that time were unheard of, and he was on a level of his own. That’s what defines this legend…

His Hitting Statistics:

G  AB  R  H  HR  RBI  BB  SO  Avg.  OBP  SLG
2,503  8,398  2,174  2,874  714  2,217  2,062  1,330  .342  .472  .690

His Pitching Statistics:

94 46 2.28 163 148 107 17 4 1,221.1 974 400 309     441 488 .671 1.16     3.60

The statistics he put up were remarkable:

He was 3rd on all-time home run list with 714, 10th on all-time batting average list with .342, 2nd on all-time RBI list with 2,217, 1st on all-time slugging % with 0.690, 2nd on all-time on-base % list with .474, 1st on all-time OPS with 1.164, 4th on all-time runs list with 2,174, 6th on all-time total bases list with 5,793, & 3rd on all-time bases on balls list with 2,062 . 


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     The New York Yankees agreed to a one-year contract with Brian Bruney earlier today. The Yankees have now avoided arbitration all together. Melky Cabrera, Chien-Ming Wang, Xavier Nady, & Brian Bruney were the arbitration-eligible players and they have all signed. Bruney’s contract is said to be $1.25 million.


Free agents still an option for Yanks

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