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With 31 days left until pitchers and catchers report to Tampa, the Yankee Stadium grounds crew is already hard at work. With the bowl games and snow storms this off-season, it looks like they’ll have some extra work to do.


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Are you ready for playoff baseball in December?

Think of it…sipping hot cocoa as the first flakes of snow begin cascading onto the pristine brown Yankee Stadium grass…as the players trade their batting gloves for their Gore-Tex counterparts…and as you struggle to stay warm in 5 layers of clothing in the 400 level.

During the ordeal, you can be thankful you aren’t at Target Field where the game-time temperature is 18 below and the Twins have traded spikes for ice skates.

Does it sound far-fetched? Well, the desperately poor MLB is thinking what the game really, desperately needs is another round of playoffs, with a second wild-card team added into the mix. It won’t happen before 2012, since the players union needs to sign off on the idea – and you can bet they want cut of the action from the extra round for themselves.

Personally, I think the idea is ludicrous. One of the best qualities of baseball is the pennant races, with two or three teams fighting it out to determine the division winner. I realize folks in Kansas City or Pittsburgh don’t agree, but then again, their teams are generally out of contention by May 1 anyway. Adding an extra round will only do two things: add more money into MLB”s coffers and dilute the quality of play in the postseason.

Ah, but then again: at least we can look forward to some poor fielder losing a grounder in a snowbank.

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