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Yesterday, I posted this about Curtis Granderson‘s ineffectiveness hitting against left-handed pitching. One of the potential solutions I tossed out there was trading for Jayson Werth, who is rumored to be on the trading block.

Lo and behold, today Buster Olney tweeted that the Phillies are aggressively marketing Werth and looking for a starting pitcher who they can slot in as their #2 or #3 guy. Buster may work for that other Evil Empire (ESPN), but his rumor reports are usually accurate. This sets up two potentially block-buster deals, if the Yanks are willing to swing for the fences. This particularly holds true as Werth has long been mentioned to be on the Yankees off-season short list of potential free agent signings.

The key to the whole thing is, in my opinion, the other probable free agent that is supposedly a foregone conclusion to sign with the team this coming off season. You know – a certain left handed starter currently wearing the Seattle Mariners colors – Cliff Lee. Here’s how I see it potentially playing out:

The Mariners are reputed to be looking for a young catcher with a major-league ready bat, which is why the dominant trade rumor has centered on the Twins and their prospect Wilson Ramos. (Ramos is blocked by Joe Mauer). However, the Yanks have two pretty good catching prospects, one of whom is considered to be a potential 25 HR/100 RBI type hitter in Jesus Montero. The other is Austin Romine, whose offensive skills aren’t as good as Montero but is much better defensively. I know this is sacrilege among most Yankees fans, but I’d much rather see Romine become Jorge Posada’s heir, but regardless, either of them makes an interesting component to pry Lee from the Mariners. (more…)

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