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Today, we begin our look at the fourth year of Brian Cashman at the helm of the Yankees baseball operations. The previous iterations can be seen here, here or here.

Signings and Re-Signings

Re-signed Damaso Marte to a 3 year/$12 million deal.

Signed Sergio Mitre to a 1 year deal with a team option.

Re-signed Chien-Ming Wang to a 1 year deal.

Signed AJ Burnett for 5 years/$82 million.

Signed CC Sabathia for 7 years/$161 million.

Signed Mark Teixeira for 8 years/$180 million.

Re-signed Andy Pettitte for 1 year/$5.5 million plus incentives.


Traded Wilson Betemit, Jeff Marquez and Jhonny Nunez for Nick Swisher and Kanekoa Texeira

Traded Eric Fryer and Casey Erickson for Eric Hinske

Traded Jose Veras for $3.12 in pesos (Cash Considerations).

Traded Chase Weems for Jerry Hairston

Traded Cash for Chad Gaudin

Notable Draft Picks

Zachary Heathcott

Grade for the Year: A

For the most part, this year was great for Brian. There was speedbump or two, but nothing that $500 million couldn’t fix in the long run. My favorite move? Getting rid of Jose Veras, god I hated him, but that’s neither here nor there. Everything Brian did in this year worked out like a charm as the Yankees marched on to their 27th World Series championship. Many of the moves he made also set up the Yankees for long term success as well, atleast one would think or hope.

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In part two of our look back at Brian Cashman’s track record since gaining autonomy over baseball operations, we take a look at what has happened under his hand between October 2006 and October 2007. Part one can be read here.

Signings and Re-Signings

Mike Mussina resigned for 2 years/$23 million.

Signed Kei Igawa for 5 years/$20 million (Plus a $26 million posting fee)

Signed Andy Pettitte to a 1 year/$16 million deal with a 2008 player option

Signed Roger Clemens to a 1 year/$17.4 millon deal

Trades (more…)

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