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According to a posting on MLB Trade Rumors, Dan Haren was just acquired by the Angels in exchange for Joe Saunders, 2 Minor League pitchers and the infamous Player-to-be-Named-later. This comes on the heels of a weekend of trade rumors surrounding the Yankees attempts at landing the former Arizona Diamondabacks right-hander.

This was an obvious salary dump by the Diamondbacks, who will realize approximately $20 million in savings over the next two seasons. While Saunders is a serviceable major league starter, Dan Haren is a proven top-of-the-rotation type starter. This may also be the Angels way of stocking up for next year. Haren is a nice addition, but if the Halos are going to make a run at Texas, they need a power bat (or two).

As for the Yankees, I’m not certain if Brian Cashman was simply trying to up the ante for other team in the Haren Sweepstakes or if he really felt that the rumored package Arizona wanted (headlined by Joba Chamberlain) was too steep a price. Either way, it looks like Cashman lost on this one. If the former, he didn’t drive the price nearly high enough, since the prospects the Angels sent to Arizona are not exactly world beaters. If the latter, he failed to trade a struggling reliever for a proven ace. Look, I like Joba’s potential as much as anyone – but this would be the third time Cashman has failed to land an ace because he wouldn’t trade Joba. First it was Johan Santana. Then it was Roy Halladay. And now Haren. At this rate, Joba better turn into the second coming of Walter Johnson or else Cashman is going to end up with a whole carton of eggs on his face.

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