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Since Buck Showalter has taken over the Baltimore Orioles, they have gone 9-2 over their last 11 games. Before this stretch of games, they owned the worst record in all of baseballl. One has to wonder what changed their luck? I have a feeling George Costanza was involved in this. We all know how things turned out for George while he was working for the Yankees, being traded for Tyler Chicken and all. Back in 1994, Don Mattingly split his pants taking the field, but it looks like George got it right this time around. 

GEORGE: Listen, Buck, I uh…obviously I don’t need to talk to you about the importance of player morale, but uh…I’ve been talking to some of the guys, and some of them – I don’t want to mention any names – but some of them…they’re not too happy with the polyester uniforms.


GEORGE: Well, they get very hot in the polyester. You know, it’s not a natural fibre. I think they would prefer cotton.

SHOWALTER: Cotton, huh?

GEORGE: Yeah. Cotton breathes, you see, it’s much softer. Imagine playing games and your team is five degrees cooler than the other team. Don’t you think that would be an advantage? They’re cooler, they’re more comfortable…they’re happier – they’re gonna play better.

SHOWALTER: You may have something there, George.

GEORGE: Oh – I’ve got something.

SHOWALTER (considering): Hmm. Cotton uniforms.

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