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Mark Feinsand reports in today’s Daily News that MLB may be investigating Ivan Nova for taking B-12 shots, while the rookie was with the AA Trenton Thunder:

“…a published report indicated that the rookie was the target of a Major League Baseball investigation…will look into allegations that Nova and a minor-league teammate injected each other with B-12 shots last season at Double-A Trenton…”

Here’s hoping nothing comes of the allegations. Nova is looking like a bright spot for the Yankees heading into the homestretch and losing him for an extended period of time would be a major blow, especially given the recent rotation troubles.

UPDATED 12:31PM: Mark Feinsand’s article doesn’t mention steroids or an MLB investigation to that effect. However, given that MLB could care less about B-12, except that B-12 injections have been used as a cover story by known steroid users, it becomes clear as to why MLB may be interested. The inference is strictly mine and does not represent the view of Mr. Feinsand or anyone else.

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Graham Stoneburner/ Courtesy of Mark LoMoglio

2010 MiLB Season Statistics:


Jesus Montero: .271AVG 11HR 47RBI .346OBP .460SLG .806OPS

Brandon Laird (TRN & SWB): .300AVG 25HR 94RBI 2SB .361OBP .547SLG .908OPS

Ivan Nova: 125.1IP (W-L, 10-2) 2.80ERA 39ER 94K .257BAA

Zach McAllister: 115.1IP (W-L, 7-8) 4.76ERA 61ER 71K .305BAA

Eric Wordekemper: (TRN & SWB) 53.0IP (W-L, 4-0) 3.23ERA 19ER 53K .237BAA


Austin Romine: .272AVG 7HR 51RBI 1SB .340OBP .410SLG .751OPS

Andrew Brackman: (TAM & TRN) 103.0IP (W-L, 7-10) 4.81ERA 55ER 98K .275BAA

George Kontos: (TAM & TRN) 27.1IP (W-L, 0-2) 3.95ERA 12ER 19K .265BAA

Hector Noesi: (TAM & TRN) 120.0IP (W-L, 11-5) 3.00ERA 40ER 116K .225BAA

Ryan Pope: 41.1IP (W-L, 2-6) 4.25ERA 37ER 66K .256BAA

D.J. Mitchell: 114.2IP (W-L, 8-4) 4.32ERA 55ER 78K .265BAA

J. Brent Cox (TAM & TRN) 22.0IP (W-L, 1-1) 6.95ERA 17ER 11K .343BAA


Zoilo Almonte: (CSC & TAM) .265AVG 11HR 48RBI 12SB .331OBP .429SLG .760OPS

Dellin Betances: 57.0IP (W-L, 6-1) 1.26ERA 8ER 15BB 68K .153BAA

Jonathan Ortiz: 45.0IP (W-L, 5-1) 18SV 2.60ERA 13ER 50K .196BAA

Adam Olbrychowski: 52.0IP (W-L, 2-2) 2.60ERA 15ER 41K .215BAA

Pat Venditte: 58.0IP (W-L, 2-0) 1.71ERA 5SV 11ER 71K .179BAA

Graham Stoneburner: (CSC & TAM) 109.1IP (W-L, 6-7) 2.47ERA 30ER 112K .192BAA


Slade Heathcott: .270AVG 1HR 17RBI 10SB .364OBP .335SLG .700OPS

Brett Marshall: 44.0IP (W-L, 1-2) 4.09ERA 20ER 39K .244BAA


Gary Sanchez: .376AVG 4HR 26RBI 1SB .450OBP .612SLG 1.062OPS

Cito Culver: .276AVG 2HR 11RBI .336OBP .382SLG .718OPS

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I think one of the irrefutable facts from this Yankees season is that Alex Rodriguez is aging – painfully so for Yankees fans. It’s become obvious that the All-Star third baseman would perform at a higher level if he could get a day off every week. The skills are still there, but take it from somebody who crossed the age 35 threshold a while ago: the body just simply doesn’t recover at 35 the same way it did when you’re 25, or even 30. The little aches become more urgent, the bones creak a bit more, the tendons aren’t quite as flexible. As anyone who’s felt fatigued can attest, when the tired reaction time is lengthened. The mind may be willing, but the body just can’t respond the same way it does when you’re feeling fresh. Not such a big deal if you’re a desk jockey – but a millisecond makes a big difference when swinging at major league pitching. Fortunately for the Yanks, A-Rod is a gamer and will never use not feeling 100% for less than 125% results. Unfortunately for the Yanks, A-Rod is a gamer and will never use not feeling 100% for less than 125% results. It’s up to the manager to say, “it’s time for a blow.” 

Joe Girardi isn’t an idiot (although sometimes, his game decisions leave me wondering) and he surely realizes that A-Rod could use some time to rest. His problem with giving A-Rod rest is there is no substitute in the South Bronx for winning and Girardi doesn’t have anyone on his bench who even comes close to matching A-Rod’s production. The only infield reserve at the moment is Ramiro Pena, and the drop-off in production between he and A-Rod is ridiculous. Here’s how their seasons would look if each received the same number of plate appearances, over all 162 games this year: 

A-Rod 83 164 42 3 26 112 68 .264 .335 .467 117
Pena 90 132 7 0 0 125 28 .204 .242 .215 27

In short, even in a down year, A-Rod’s production so far outstrips that of Pena’s that comparing the two isn’t really any comparison at all. More than that, Pena simply shouldn’t scare any pitcher in the majors, while A-Rod is always a threat. Replacing A-Rod in the line-up with Pena doesn’t just reduce the Yankees chances of winning; it virtually eliminates them.

A reserve infielder who at least carried a league-average bat was on Brian Cashman‘s wish list this trade season and he may still find one via the waiver wire. But then again, the Yankees may need to look no further than Scranton-Wilkes Barre to find a solution. Ladies and gentlemen, Brandon Laird may be wearing the big club’s pinstripes sooner than anyone thought at the beginning of the year. The 22 year old third baseman has posted a .300/.361/.547 slash line in 109 games this season, mostly with AA Trenton, with an impressive HR ratio of 16.7. In his first action at AAA, he has homered twice and is slugging an insane 1.750. 

At this point, I’d say he will definitely be part of the September call-ups. But if he keeps raking like this, it may not be far-fetched to see the Yankee’s bring him up before August 31st, making him eligible for the post-season roster. In any event, while all eyes have been focused on Jesus Montero and Austin Romine it may not be a bad idea to peek in on Laird’s progress over the next 2-3 weeks. 


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Here is a look at how some of the Yankees top prospects are doing thus far:


Jesus Montero: .250AVG 6HR 32RBI .313OBP .414SLG .727OPS

Mark Melancon: 44.2IP (W-L, 5-1) 6SV 3.43ERA 17ER 51K .280BAA

Ivan Nova: 84.0IP (W-L, 5-2) 3.00ERA 28ER 64K .266BAA

Zach McAllister: 85.0IP (W-L, 6-5) 4.24ERA 40ER 52K .275BAA

Eric Wordekemper: (TRN & SWB) 41.2IP (W-L, 3-0) 2.38ERA 11ER 41K .244BAA


Austin Romine: .290AVG 5HR 42RBI 1SB .370OBP .435SLG .806OPS

Brandon Laird: .293AVG 19HR 79RBI 2SB .348OBP .550SLG .899OPS

Andrew Brackman: (TAM & TRN) 70.0IP (W-L, 5-6) 5.01ERA 39ER 65K .276BAA

Hector Noesi: (TAM & TRN) 95.0IP (W-L, 10-3) 2.27ERA 24ER 101K .214BAA

Jeremy Bleich: 41.1IP (W-L, 3-2) 4.79ERA 22ER 26K .236BAA


Zoilo Almonte: (CSC & TAM) .287AVG 10HR 38RBI 10SB .357OBP .478SLG .835OPS

Dellin Betances: 23.0IP (W-L, 2-0) 0.39ERA 1ER 3BB 27K .104BAA

George Kontos: 8.2IP (W-L, 0-1) 3.12ERA 3ER 7K .200BAA

Jonathan Ortiz: 30.0IP (W-L, 3-0) 14SV 2.40ERA 8ER 30K .194BAA

Adam Olbrychowski: 30.2IP (W-L, 2-1) 2.64ERA 9ER 23K .245BAA

Pat Venditte: 42.0IP (W-L, 0-0) 1.93ERA 2SV 9ER 51K .184BAA

Graham Stoneburner: (CSC & TAM) 81.0IP (W-L, 5-6) 2.00ERA 18ER 83K .170BAA


Slade Heathcott: .267AVG 0HR 8RBI 6SB .350OBP .322SLG .672OPS


Gary Sanchez: .400AVG 3HR 11RBI .500OBP .800SLG 1.300OPS (Only 30AB’s)

Cito Culver: .300AVG 0HR 1RBI .333OBP .350SLG .683OPS (Only 20AB’s)

Brett Marshall: 8.0IP (W-L, 0-0) 2.25ERA 2ER 8K .194BAA

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From the Yankees Official Website:

PHOENIX — Yankees Double-A prospects Austin Romine and Hector Noesi have been tabbed to participate in the 12th annual XM All-Star Futures Game, to be played on July 11 at 6 p.m. ET at Angel Stadium.

Romine, 21, is considered one of the Yankees’ top catching prospects and was ranked by Baseball America as the Yankees’ No. 2 prospect entering the 2010 season. He will play for the USA team.

The 12th annual Futures Game can be seen live on MLB.TV, ESPN2 and ESPN2 HD and followed live on MLB.com’s Gameday. In addition, XM Radio will broadcast play-by-play coverage of the event live on XM 175. MLB.com will also provide complete coverage before, during and after the game.

A second-round selection in the 2007 First-Year Player Draft, Romine was hitting .283 with three home runs and 34 RBIs for Double-A Trenton at the time of the announcement.

Romine was the Florida State League “Hitter of the Year” in 2009 while playing for Class A Tampa and said during Spring Training this year that he was looking forward to continuing his development at the higher levels.

“You can always hit higher,” said Romine, who batted .276 for Tampa in 2009. “I always shoot for about .300 — it’s a big mark. I also want to control the staff in Double-A and build upon those relationships. Everything kind of flowed, and I liked that.”

Noesi, 23, will represent the World team. The right-hander was signed as a non-drafted free agent by the Yankees in 2004 and was 3-1 with a 2.31 ERA through five starts at Double-A Trenton, having earlier posted a 5-2 record with a 2.72 ERA in eight starts for Tampa this season.

Noesi entered the 2010 season averaging 8.54 strikeouts and just 1.55 walks per nine innings in his professional career, impressive ratios that he has kept in his arsenal this season, having struck out 82 and walked 11 in 78 innings between the two levels.

Earlier this season, the 6-foot-2, 175-pound hurler was named the Eastern League’s Pitcher of the Week for the period ending June 6.

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     I asked my readers who should be the Yankees 5th starter, and the majority chose Phil Hughes. I would have to agree with them. Now if Andy decides to come back..I would be fine with that.

Here are the results:

Who should be the Yankees 5th starter?

Phil Hughes:  274 Votes  48.15%

Andy Pettitte:  180 Votes  31.63% 

Alfredo Aceves:  64 Votes  11.25%

Ian Kennedy:  8 Votes  1.41% 

Other:  43 Votes  7.56%

Total Votes: 569

Please go and check out the latest poll on the right side of the page. Who should be the Yankees starting center fielder? Go Vote!


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