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ESPN E:60 is airing a piece on Mariano Rivera in this week’s show. He goes back to Panama and talks about his upbringing. He also talks about the most dominant pitch in the history of baseball…”The Kotter” (as Mariano pronounces it).

From Andy Hall (ESPN Communications):

ESPN E:60 Presents: Yankees Pitcher Mariano Rivera Revealed

Mariano Rivera, considered one of the greatest closers in Major League Baseball history, has seldom opened up about his private life. On Tuesday, May 11, at 7 p.m. ET, ESPN’s Emmy Award-winning, primetime newsmagazine E:60 will air an in-depth profile of the New York Yankees ace. E:60’s Tom Rinaldi, with unprecedented access, traveled into his world, including visiting Rivera’s home, favorite restaurant and his birthplace in Puerto Caimito, Panama.

“The vast majority of baseball fans, despite his long established fame and greatness, have never even seen him outside of uniform. It struck us that despite the fact that he may be the greatest relief pitcher of all time, and the only man in history to close and win the World Series five times, there was an air of mystery about him. He is remarkably without air or entitlement of any kind. He’s one of the most respectful and polite people – let alone athletes I had the pleasure to meet. When asked to describe his job, he said that it’s like working for a town and everyone in the township giving you their earnings. You’re either going to invest their savings and give them a return or blow it.” – Tom Rinaldi

Rivera on the difference in getting a final out and a final out in the World Series…

“Getting the final out is great, the final out in the World Series is ‘wow, we’re champions!'” We did it.”

On his success…

“Amazing. Unbelievable. I still don’t understand how it happened. Yes, I have abilities, but there were far better players than me.

“My confidence never changed because I know who I trust and I know who I am. When you have that kind of attitude and mentality it doesn’t matter the outcomes. Sometimes you’re going to lose, a lot of times you’re going to win.”

On the imprint he hopes to leave…

“That imprint has to be that I did everything within my power to help others, to do the right thing for the NY Yankees, for my teammates, my family and that alone, I’ll be happy with that.”

A preview clip ESPN E:60 feature here.

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