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From Yahoo.com:

“Team Edward,” Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez admitted to Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson on the “Eclipse” premiere black carpet in Los Angeles on Thursday night when Shaun put him to the Edward vs. Jacob test. “You’re putting me on the spot now.”

A-Rod said his daughters are into the series and he stopped by the premiere because of some business connections.

“My manager, Guy Oseary, is executive producer,” Alex explained. “We have a day off before we play the Dodgers. So I came over to support him.”

Alex added that he couldn’t help but be impressed by the phenomenon that is “The Twilight Saga.”

“It’s a great experience,” he said. “What they’re doing here with this brand is amazing. It’s an amazing film and you know, this film will probably last for decades to come. So, you can tell that people are very excited about the movie.”

Alex hit the red carpet in a smart suit and shades last night, and Shaun asked the question everyone was thinking – “Are you single or are you spoken for?”

“I’m, single,” he said. “I’m here with Guy Oseary. I’m here having a good time enjoying LA.” (more…)

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