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From TMZ:

The Mantle letter in question is actually a form response that Michael Kovalovsky — a lifelong Yankees fan — received in 1959 after he wrote a letter to The Mick.  However, Mick’s form letter is hand signed by the Hall of Famer … which is pretty freakin’ cool

According to the lawsuit, Kovalovsky loaned the 41-year-old letter — along with other cool memorabilia — to the Yankees last year. Problem is, according to the docs, the team failed to return all but one of the items. The lawsuit, filed in Florida, was first published on

The Yanks did promise, in writing, to return the items if they “locate them.” But when Kovalovsky asked about compensation in case the letter never turns up, his attorney tells TMZ the Yankees tried to argue that the Mantle letter wasn’t worth anything. 

Kovalovsky is suing the Bronx Bombers for $100k — to cover the value of his memorabilia (an estimated $15k) plus attorney’s fees. The Yankees have not returned calls for comment.

TMZ has a copy of the signed Mickey Mantle letter, but from what I can tell it isn’t much of anything. The letter seems to be just an acknowledgement from the New York Yankees. What I’m trying to say looks like the Yankees used to send out large quantities of these letters to people who wrote to the organization, and they just filled in the addresses and names. The thing that makes it valuable though, is the fact that it’s on Yankees stationary and it’s hand signed by the great Mickey Mantle. This has more sentimental value, because the letter is actually addressed personally to Kovalsky. If it were to go up for auction..who would want that? If this were given to a baseball card company, that letter would most likely be chopped up and they would use the signature to make an autographed card of the Mick. The man should definitely get something from the New York Yankees organization for losing the letter, but $100K is outrageous.

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I hope you enjoyed the title. I’m just taking the words from our friends over at TMZ. This is a post for all of those of you who wonder what our beloved Yankee players do during the off-season.

He may not have a hot blonde at his side like A-Rod, but fellow Yankee Mariano Rivera isn’t letting that stop him from showing off his smooth and luscious man-nips while on vacation in his native Panama.


The 40-year-old pitcher should have no problem finding a Madonna or Kate Hudson of his own.

Rivera has been married for almost 18 years and he has three sons, so I don’t think he’s looking for a new girl…


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