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This new Derek Jeter commercial is set to air tonight during the MLB All-Star Game tonight. Much like last year’s Rivera tribute, tonight will be more like a “Derek Jeter Special” than an all-star game. All eyes on Derek.

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There’s something wrong with A.J. Burnett. That news doesn’t come as any great shock to Yankees fans, or anyone else who pays any attention to baseball. But rarely can you find the exact point in a season when a player suddenly, mysteriously seems to lose the ability to play baseball. In Burnett’s case, we can.

Prior to May 5th, AJ was having arguably his best season. Since then, he’s having has worst. The delineation is so profound that I’m certain someone in the Yankee front office has noticed. How sudden is the drop-off? Before May 5th, the Yankees had an 83% chance of winning his starts. Since then, the team has only a 33% chance of winning. Looking at the conventional numbers shows how dramatic the performance drop is:


to May 5


















If you’re more of a sabermatrician, the numbers get even uglier:

BA(a) TBA SP(a) OBA(a) OPS(a) K/9 BB/9 K/BB

to May 5


















How does a guy go from less than a hit per inning to being hammered nearly every time out? Ordinarily, you would look for something physical. In AJ’s case, that isn’t the problem – he routinely hits the mid-90’s with his fastball, which is on par with his career velocity. The second most common cause is something mechanical – but AJ’s mechanics look to be the same now as earlier in the year. His pitches still have plenty of bite and movement. And he’s actually striking more hitters out per 9 now than in April.

That leaves something causing AJ to lose focus and concentration. If you don’t think that can serious problems for a pro athlete, ask Tiger Woods. Tiger is known as one of the most disciplined athletes ever, yet his personal life (and distractions) have caused his game to deteriorate to mere mortal status. AJ has always been an emotional guy; the kind of guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. If you’ve watched him lately, he seems robotic, emotionless; not the AJ Burnett we’re used to seeing. He’s gone from a pie-throwing, fun-loving #2 starter to an emotionless DFA candidate.

The Yankees know Burnett’s stuff is too good for him to be getting hit at nearly a .300 clip. Burnett does, too and I have to believe that deep down, his recent performance is tearing him up.  Whatever happened on May 5th that turned AJ’s season upside down, it behooves them to find out and see if it can be fixed. Not only won’t they win a pennant with AJ pitching like this, but they have him under contract for 3 more years. Before this turns into another Carl Pavano or Kevin Brown contract, they need to get AJ back on course.

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From Forbes.com:

The Most Disliked People In Sports

According to the latest surveys by California-based E-Poll Market Research, these 10 sports figures rank lowest on the public’s likability scorecard. Candidacy was limited to active athletes, coaches, managers, owners, agents and broadcasters. A 10% minimum awareness level with the American public was also a prerequisite.

Alex Rodriguez: New York Yankees: Percent Dislike: 45%

A-Rod is down five spots from last year, when steroid talk dominated the conversation and his (championship) ring finger was still bare. Then again, Tiger and Roethlisberger did plenty to jump ahead of him since then, while McGwire only became eligible this year after taking the Cardinals’ hitting coach job.

From the NY Daily News:

Things got better for A-Rod, a year after he admitted using steroids while he played with the Texas Rangers. While 57% of people disliked A-Rod in 2009, only 45% of people disapprove of him Wednesday.

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Since Derek Jeter has put on the pinstripes since 1995, he has attracted more beautiful women than Tiger Woods could shake a stick at. From Mariah Carey to Minka Kelly, we list them all. Enjoy and you don’t need to thank us :)


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Before this marital infidelity news emerged, Tiger Woods was seen as this “perfect” sports figure, who could do know wrong. With his mystique and aura now gone, he is looking to  come back from one of the most dramatic falls from grace in sports history. As of now, he has taken an ‘indefinite’ break from golf.

What are people saying now? Be like Jeter. That’s the message people are sending out. The man is shining bright on the biggest stage in the world, winning the Sportsman of the Year Award and recently being crowned a World Series Champion. Not only that, but Derek is thought of as the ultimate team player, a winner, and a person that gives back to his community.

Sports Illustrated’s Tom Verducci said,“He is a role model not only for how to play baseball but also for how to remain atop the wobbly pedestal of fame.” 

Derek Jeter keeps things to himself and is a pretty private person. He doesn’t talk all that much, except when he needs to rally the troops. He doesn’t use twitter, make idiotic public statements, and declines to discuss his relationships. His performance on the field keeps all of his fans happy. 

Derek appeared on FOX News Channel’s “FOX and Friends” this past Wednesday. He spoke about how sometimes he doesn’t pull everything off in his life perfectly and admits that he slips up from time to time.

When Derek was asked whether the bright lights of the city forced him to try to live his life “perfectly,” and Jeter said that was unrealistic. The thing that we respect about Derek, is that he knows that he’s human and understands the responsibility that he carries under his belt.

“Nobody’s perfect, everybody makes mistakes,” Jeter said in the interview. “I’ll be the first one to say, ‘I’ve made mistakes as well.’ I think the thing you have to realize is that everything you do, people want to know about. I don’t always think that’s fair.  

“I try to keep things private, you know there are so many things that are made up, people fabricate this story and that story, but you understand it’s part of it. I think when you’re younger, I think it affects you a little bit more. I think it bothers you and it bothers your family and friends, because they have feelings as well.”  

“Everything you do people want to know about — I don’t always think that’s fair,” Jeter said. “I try to keep things private, you know there are so many things that are made up, people fabricate this story and that story, but you understand it’s part of it.”  

Derek has been linked to Mariah Carey, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel and Minka Kelly. Isn’t it funny how nothing really negative has come out about any of his relationships? The most you hear is something like this: (On his Mariah Carey relationship) Their relationship ended in 1998, with both parties citing media interference as the main reason for the split. Nobody makes a big deal about Derek’s relationships because he’s a single man. He hasn’t rushed into marriage either like many other athletes.

When Derek gets in trouble…it’s something like this:

In December 2002, Yankees owner George Steinbrenner criticized Jeter for staying out until 3 a.m. at a birthday party during the 2002 season, saying his star shortstop “wasn’t totally focused” and that “it didn’t sit well” with him. In May 2003, the two appeared in a VISA commercial together where they went club-hopping, mocking the incident in a similar fashion that Steinbrenner and former Yankees manager Billy Martin had mocked their feud in a Miller Lite commercial during the 1970s.

Derek has been in the spotlight of New York City for 15 years now, and it’s just amazing how he’s avoided all of this negative attention. He hasn’t been in situations like Alex Rodriguez, Kobe Bryant, Ben Roethlisberger, or Grady Sizemore because not only does he carry himself on the field with integrity, but off the field as well. He knows how to handle the media. The man pitches video games, Gatorade, and dates celebrities but he doesn’t focus on himself. It’s always about the team, and that’s all that matters to him.

Derek doesn’t bring out team issues with the public, because he doesn’t want to make it a media thing. If asked by a reporter about something like that, he will simply ask what that has to do with baseball. He leaves things unsaid, and people respect him for it.

“I always find it interesting when people say, ‘Well, he’s a lead-by-example guy, he doesn’t ever say anything,’ ” Jeter said. “How do you know? I don’t do things through the media, but that doesn’t mean I don’t say things or I’m not vocal. You guys maybe don’t know about it. But you don’t have to know about everything.”

Derek feels an obligation to represent his organization in the best possible way to the public. He has an image as a quiet leader, but that doesn’t bother him. Jeter gets it, and not many other athletes and celebrities out there do.


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