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Yesterday, I posted about what a Yankees season without Phil Hughes might look like. At the time I wrote it, we all were unaware of what a serious condition Hughes faces. In case you missed it: after last night’s excellent win (featuring Bartolo Colon┬áreturning to his 2002-2005 form), Joe Girardi announced that Hughes may have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, a rare circulation problem. Commonly referred to as TOS, if left untreated can lead to some really nasty complications – including stroke. Hughes is scheduled to see specialist Robert Thompson in St. Louis on Monday for a final diagnosis and treatment options, if this is what he has.

Other major leaguers have suffered from TOS. Some have made it back, some had their careers ended and some returned but were only a shadow of their former selves. Regardless, all of that is secondary right now. I’m sure column inches will be dedicated to that discussion in the future, but for now I’m sure all Yankee fans join me in saying…

Get Well, Phil!

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