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Taking you back in time…2005: “Sex and the Yogi”:  (The Smoking Gun) : View the Document

JANUARY 31, 2005–Claiming that his good name has been sullied by a ‘Sex and the City’ advertisement, baseball legend Yogi Berra has sued Turner Broadcasting System for $10 million. In the below New York State Supreme Court complaint, Berra, 79, contends that TBS improperly used his name in outdoor ads (on buses and subway kiosks) promoting the cable channel’s reruns of the racy HBO show starring Sarah Jessica Parker. Noting that he is a married grandfather and a ‘deeply religious man who has maintained and continues to maintain a moral lifestyle,’ the former New York Yankee claims that he has been tainted by the ad, which references the loose lifestyle of ‘Sex’ character Samantha, portrayed by Kim Cattrall. The offensive ads, Berra reported, sought the definition of the term ‘Yogasm.’ One of the possible definitions listed in the ad was, ‘b) sex with Yogi Berra.’ The correct answer was ‘c) what Samantha has with a guy from yoga class.’

According to Daily Variety, Alex Rodriguez will make his movie debut in the comedy “Friends With Benefits.” The film stars Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis, Woody Harrelson, Patricia Clarkson, etc. The filming will take place in and around New York, during off-days during the baseball season.

Army Documents revealed that DiMaggio had a bout of gonorrhea in 1938:

As a postscript to our story about Joe DiMaggio’s hostile attitude and malingering ways during his military tenure, U.S. Army personnel records reveal that the baseball star was formally discharged after he was diagnosed with “Pyschoneurosis Not Resulting From Combat.”

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From The Smoking Gun:

“Despite a cushy job as a physical instructor in the Army’s Special Services division, DiMaggio–who saw no combat, was never shipped overseas, and spent many months stationed in Hawaii–exhibited a “defective attitude toward the service” and a “conscious attitude of hostility and resistance” when it came to his Army duties.”

Here is an old army record of DiMaggio’s (Courtesy of The Smoking Gun). Feel free to read the rest of it over here [10 Pages long]:

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I’m sure a lot of you guys know that many major celebrities and star athletes use an alias when they check into hotels on the road. They don’t want to be bothered by autograph seekers and other crazy fans.

Back in 2005, the Yankees were in Seattle to play the Mariners, and stayed at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel. A $47,905.85 invoice was sent to the club, which revealed that a lot of the players on the team used phony names when checking in. Even though this is from 2005, I’ve actually never seen this before. I thought it was hilarious and figured that you guys might enjoy it as well.

From the Smoking Gun:

In a story this week in The Village Voice, reporter Neil deMause matched aliases with some actual Yankees by comparing the invoice with a separate key that he examined while sifting through documents submitted by the team to New York City’s Department of Parks & Recreation, which oversees the club’s Yankee Stadium lease.

Here’s a Who’s Who from the 2005 squad: Johnny Drama (Jeter); Simon Phoenix (Mike Mussina); Bruce Almighty (Don Mattingly); Ricky Ricardo (Jorge Posada); Joe Saturday (Hideki Matsui); Sam Adams (Randy Johnson); Richard Long (Bernie Williams); Turd Ferguson (Jaret Wright); and Austin Powers (Ruben Sierra). We’re not sure why outfielder Matt Lawton used the “Eleven Fifty” alias, but Luis Sojo apparently went by “Harry Pelotas” because the fake surname translates to “balls” in Spanish. As for the true identities of Johnny Blaze, Ray Charles, Davey Crockett, Jack Daniels, Payne N. Deneck, Fyfe, Bo Jackson, Bruce Lee, Leon, Ghost Ryder, Charlie Wattsizname, and Randy White, well, that’s a mystery. But we’re pretty sure that “Joe Russo” is manager Joe Torre and that “Alex Emanuel” is Alex Rodriguez, who appears to use his actual middle name as his phony surname.


It’s funny seeing the real names of some of the staff and broadcasters next to the fake names, like Gene Monahan, Steve Donohue, John Sterling, Suzyn Waldman, Lou Cucuzza and so on.

(Copy of the Bill: Courtesy of The Smoking Gun)


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