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I can’t count how many times I watched ‘The Sandlot’ as a child. Whatever number it was, it was an unhealthy one. With some time to burn in spring training, some players on the Yankees roster re-enacted the classic scene in the movie when Smalls realizes the ball he handed over to “The Beast” was autographed by the greatest ballplayer who ever lived, Babe Ruth (and not some wimpy deer). The video stars: Dellin Betances, Brian McCann, CC Sabathia, Brett Gardner and Jacoby Ellsbury. McCann deserves an Oscar nomination for playing Ham Porter.

Click here to watch the video.

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I just compiled a list of the best baseball movies of all-time. I ranked them according to my personal opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, so let me hear what you guys think of my list and how you would change it.

Field of Dreams

The Natural


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