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Besides the 27 World Series rings the New York Yankees have, they are also known for having the highest payroll in all of baseball (2010: $213,359,389). Do you ever wonder how the team payroll will change in the future? In 5 years? How about it 10 or 15 years? Will it go up or down?

Looking over the Yankees roster, you see a lot of aging stars who are still earning a lot of money. You also see some players like Sabathia, Teixeira and Burnett who just signed huge contracts, and are going to be in the Bronx years from now. With the amount of stars this team has, it’s hard to ignore the exorbitant amount of money these guys are making. 

After the “Core Four” exits, what is going to happen to this team? A lot of these players are making the most amount of money in the league at their respective positions, or at the top of the list. (Jeter: 10 years/$189M, Posada: 4 years/$52.4M, Mo: 3 years/$45M) Will these players just be replaced by more stars, or will the team go with more of a youth movement, and dig deep into their farm system to fill in these holes?

The way I see it is….let’s face it. This team will always be a powerhouse, as long as there is no salary cap in Major League Baseball. Steinbrenner built this empire through the free agent market, and I don’t see this style changing any time soon. Cashman has pushed for a youth movement for a long time now, and you are slowly starting to see that in the ball club. His goal is to lower the payroll, while throwing a team on the field that can compete for another World Series title. I’m sure stars will still come to the Big Apple, but to what degree? What do you guys think? How will things change?

Team 2010 Team Payroll
New York Yankees $213,359,389
Boston Red Sox $168,109,833
Chicago Cubs $144,359,000
Philadelphia Phillies $138,178,379
New York Mets $126,498,096

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