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Derek Jeter dons the latest cover of Sports Illustrated. Say what you want…that this whole “Jeter Farewell Tour” is over the top…”it’s excessive”…blah blah blah. It’s for the fans. It’s not for the media and it’s not for everyone. I get it. Let us Yankees fans enjoy it.

Tom Verducci writes the cover story, “Jeter on Jeter”: The Exit Interview. Be sure to pick up a copy, or maybe 100.


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Masahiro Tanaka dons the cover of Sports Illustrated’s 2014 Baseball Preview. The cover story: “In Masahiro Tanaka, Yankees buy a ready-made ace.” Tom Verducci gives you a closer look at the Yankees new superstar, and goes into detail over what Tanaka’s transition to America has been like. SI issued three additional regional covers with Mike Trout, Robinson Cano and Yadier Molina.

Photo Courtesy of Sports Illustrated

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Mariano Rivera dons this weeks cover of Sports illustrated. This is Mo’s 4th time on the cover of SI. Tom Verducci has the cover story, “Exit Sandman: Baseball Fans Bid Adieu To the Great Mariano Rivera.” The issues hits newsstands today. Be sure to pick up your copy.

Mariano Rivera

Photo: Walter Iooss Jr./Sports Illustrated

“Probably not since Koufax have we seen anyone leave the game with so much respect.” – Joe Torre

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With all the drama and news surrounding Alex Rodriguez, it doesn’t come to much of a surprise to see him don the latest cover of Sports Illustrated. It’s hard to tune into a television station these days that doesn’t mention his name. Major League Baseball is set to lay the hammer down on A-Rod and make him serve a suspension immediately. Apparently, Alex’s people and MLB are currently in talks to avoid a lifetime ban from the sport.

Sports Illustrated: The Last Days of A-Rod

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I guess other players around the league don’t like the Yankees very much. A poll conducted by ESPN the Magazine back in Spring Training had Joba, A-Rod & Swish as baseball’s top three most overrated players. Now, these poll results have been released by Sports Illustrated:


Joba Chamberlain, Yankees P 12%

Alex Rodriguez, Yankees 3B 5%

Gary Matthews Jr., Reds CF 5%

Nick Swisher, Yankees RF 4%

J.D. Drew, Red Sox RF 3%


Overrated by whom? Outside of Rodriguez, none of the top five vote-getters have more than one All-Star appearance…. They Hate New York: Seven of the 16 with at least three votes have played this season for one of the two Big Apple teams…. Maybe the voters knew something: On June 15 the Mets released Matthews. Nine days later Cincinnati signed the 35-year-old but shipped him to Triple A Louisville.

Based on 187 MLB players who responded to SI’s survey

What do you guys think about this? Are they right, or are they wrong?

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Sports Illustrated’s latest issue will feature a picture of the Yanks’ “Core Four” on its cover. It will hit newsstands tomorrow. I’ve got to hand it to SI, because they’ve really done a fantastic job with their latest New York Yankees covers. I guess when you win the World Series, the issues just start rolling in. This is the 78th SI cover for the New York Yankees, which is the most given to any sports team. I’ll definitely be picking up a copy as soon as I can.

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2009 has been a banner year for the Yankees Captain and the accolades keep on coming. The New York Daily News has named him their New Yorker of the Year. In the article, the Daily News had to say this:

This is a man who has the qualities adults admire and children can look up to. Somehow he combines enormous talent with hard work, riches with responsibility, fantastic success with confident modesty and intense competitiveness with true sportsmanship.

And somehow Jeter seems to shoulder the mantle of DiMaggio, Gehrig, Ruth and all the others as if the burden were no heavier than a warmup jacket, a remarkable feat in an age that gives no quarter to celebrity privacy.

I don’t think it can be said any better than that. Even that can be applied to any recent years since Jeter has come up to the Major Leagues. Jeter this year was an AL All Star, a Gold Glove winner, a Hank Aaron award winner, Silver Slugger award winner, Roberto Clemente award winner, SI Sportsman of the Year, and won for This Year in Baseball’s Moment of the Year for becoming the Yankees all time hits leader. Oh, and he did this at age 35. He appears to be aging like a fine wine…yes, a fine wine…

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jeter-cover.jpgI guess when your team is on top of the world everything seems to be going well for you. Derek Jeter will be appearing on the next issue of SI, honoring him for winning the SPORTSMAN of the YEAR award.

Derek was also on the cover of Sports Illustrated during the World Series, and a little over three weeks later he’s on it again.

Jeter is the magazine’s 56th honoree and becomes the first Yankee to be named SI’s Sportsman. This magazine will be a released as the December 7th issue, (Double Issue) and it will hit newsstands on Wednesday.

With this next cover coming out, the Yanks’ will have been placed on six covers throughout 2009. (Rodriguez, Sabathia, Rivera, Jeter, Yankees Team..and Jeter again) Make that 77 covers in all for the New York Yankees, which is the most given to any sports team. (more…)

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As all of you probably remember, a few weeks ago I made quite a unique post…capturing every Sports Illustrated Yankees cover ever made. There were 74 total magazines. It looks like we can add a couple more to the collection.

On November 09, 2009, Volume 111, Issue 18 came out during the World Series, which had Derek Jeter on the cover..with the title “World Series On The Brink”. With the Yankees capturing the Fall Classic, and bringing the 27th World Championship back to New York, SI released a special commemorative issue to honor them on November 11, 2009. Make that 76 covers in all, which stands as the most covers given to any sports team.

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The first issue of Sports Illustrated was release on August 16, 1954. Over the past 55 years, the New York Yankees have had the most covers by any sports team, with a total of 74.

There were two All-Star Game issues that I didn’t include in the collage below, because it wasn’t solely Yankees related. If you care to see them: July 07, 1958 | Volume 9, Issue 1 & July 09, 1956 | Volume 5, Issue 2

I searched through the SI Vault and dug up every issue of the magazine with a Yankee related cover. I hope you like it.

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Here is Mariano Rivera on the cover of the new Sports Illustrated issue. Tom Verducci writes a great piece on Mariano, and I highly suggest that you check it out.

COV1005 (more…)

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