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Bald Vinny has come out with a new limited edition custom shirt for the 2012 playoffs. Ya gotta support the team. Get ’em right here.

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Was in Borders the other night, and came across this sports issue of a magazine called “Out.” Little did I know, it was a gay/lesbian magazine (not that there is anything wrong with that). Quite frankly, I’ve never even heard of the magazine before. Before realizing it, I read the table of contests and saw that on page 60, there was a piece entitled “The 21 Biggest Dickheads In Sports.” As the curious person I am; I turned to the article and saw this:

“#13 The Bleacher Creatures (a group of Yankees fans) Until 2010, the folks in Section 203 cheerfully sang a homophobic version of “Y.M.C.A.” (“Why Are You Gay?”) to opposing teams.” [August 2011 Issue]

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I attended the last game of the Yankees/Red Sox series on June 9th at Yankee Stadium. After waiting at the ballpark during the rain delay for over three hours, I took my seat in Section 203 and saw Bald Vinny lead the Bleacher Creatures in roll call for the very first time. It was an experience.

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Do you want some new gear for the Yankees/Red Sox game tonight? I suggest you guys check out BaldVinny.com. It’s the official home for Right Field Bleacher Creature apparel. The site is owned and operated by Vinny Milano, who leads the roll call in bleacher section 203. Why don’t you make the world a better place and order this shirt?


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