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From SeatGeek.com:

Attention Red Sox and Yankees fans – wait to buy tickets to either of their two upcoming AL East showdowns. As of 8/24/2010  Seatgeek.com is forecasting that the series in the Bronx on 9/24-9/26 will see a Sharp decrease in the average price per ticket between now and the series. Similarly, today we are also forecasting a Moderate decrease in ticket price for the games at Fenway Park 10/1-10/03, the final series of the season for either team. Despite the price forecast for each game, tickets to this series are currently going for more than the highest average ticket price for MLB last week.

A lot can change in the AL East despite the 5.5 game lead that the Rays and Yankees have maintained over their division rivals, the Red Sox. Both the AL Wild Card and a Division Championship are still a reality for the Red Sox, although it will require keeping pace and strong performances in each of their final two series with the Yankees. No matter how awesome the AL East race could be if the Red Sox can keep pace, we can’t deny that it is still a HUGE IF.

Below, you can see the average prices per ticket for both of the upcoming series:

  • The most affordable tickets for the first series are to the 9/26/10 game at Yankee Stadium , with an average ticket price of $116.33, and can be found for as cheap as $40 a ticket.
  • The most affordable tickets for the final series can be found for the season finale on 10/3/10 at Fenway Park, with an average ticket price of $142.29, and tickets can be found for as cheap as $87 a ticket.

  • This graph shows the data sorted from high price to low price, and you can see that the final series in Boston is holding a higher average price
  • The most expensive tickets for 10/2/2010 game can at Fenway can be had for an average of $169.13, and as low as $88 per ticket

The average price per series is indicated below:

  • Ticket Prices for the  final series of the season between the Yankees and Red Sox at Fenway park are an average of 22.6% higher than the series in the Bronx.

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Alex Walters over at SeatGeek.com wanted me to pass this story along to my readers:

The ‘Dog Days of Summer’ are coming to a close and not surprisingly, October is on the horizon again for the 2010 New York Yankees. With strong and reliable pitching, the emergence of Robinson Cano, Nick Swisher, and Brett Gardner, and the consistency of Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter, the Yankees have put themselves in the driver’s seat in both the AL East, and the AL Championship (http://es.pn/bcuDuH).

Although they share a 5.5 game lead with the Tampa Bay Rays over the Boston Red Sox (8/19/2010), the Yankees have set themselves up for an all but sure shot at the World Series this October (I’m knocking on wood here, fans).

Despite all this great news for the Yankees, here at SeatGeek we have noticed even greater news for Yankees fans. The average ticket price for upcoming Yankee home games continues to fall. The Yankees ticket prices have had the highest average value for most of this season, yet they have recently slipped to #10 of the 30 teams with an average price of $49 per ticket, the lowest it’s been all season. This might be because of the upcoming road trip or the fact that a majority of the Yankees opponents for the rest of the year aren’t contending for a post-season berth.

This is great for cash conscious consumers who have yet to see a Yankees game this season.  If you haven’t, now there is more of a reason to than before — strike while the iron is hot!  Surprise your lady-friend, be a hero to your kids, wow your friends with some great seats. Of the Yankees’ final 21 home games 14 of those are against teams that you can all but write off for a post-season berth.  We’ve sorted the remaining home games by average cost of a ticket, and there are some relatively affordable games to see this September.

   *as of 8/19/2010

As you can see, the most affordable upcoming Yankee home games coming up are:1.  NYY v. BAL on 9/6 with an Avg. price of $54.13 per ticket2.  NYY v. OAK on 9/2 with an Avg. price of $55.58 per ticket3.  NYY v. BAL on 9/7 with an Avg. price of $59.24 per ticketYou can sort through the remaining Yankees home games and  buy tickets here.  Tickets for today’s game against the Detroit Tigers can be had for as low as $10.00 a ticketConversely, if you are looking to make some coin in the final month of the season, you better already have a supply of Yankees vs. Red Sox tickets.  This is the last home stand for the Yankees, and as expected, these tickets have the highest average price. SeatGeek is forecasting that tickets to these games will sell for an average price of $137.92, $131.61, and $116.57 respectively.

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