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Yesterday Dan Shaughnessy wrote (hat tip to Was Watching) a scathing article about how the Red Sox claim they are in a transition/bridge period and to expect them not to be as good as they once were. I, personally love this article and Shaughnessy is right, the Red Sox shouldn’t kid themselves, they are made of the same blood the Yankees are. Here are the best parts, for the rest, click the above link.

John Henry and Theo Epstein are preparing you for the Big Slide. While they continue to raise ticket prices and drain every dollar out of Fenway, they are telling you to put your expectations on the shelf. No more “championship-driven’’ campaign for your Red Sox. The Sox are building a “bridge’’ for the future. They are giving up on competing with those big, bad Yankees.

Please. Sounds to me like a bridge over troubled waters.

What a joke. First we had Sarah Palin’s Bridge to Nowhere. Then we had Bob Kraft donating thousands to Deval Patrick in an obvious (thus far, failed) effort to get the government to pay for a $9 million bridge to connect a couple of his parking lots. Now it’s Theo selling his bridge between championship seasons.

Great use of referencing Sarah Palin. Will we see Palin-Red Sox signs at Yankee Stadium next year? I can only hope so. Continue to see more after the jump.


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