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This new Derek Jeter commercial is set to air tonight during the MLB All-Star Game tonight. Much like last year’s Rivera tribute, tonight will be more like a “Derek Jeter Special” than an all-star game. All eyes on Derek.

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The below is a guest column written by Former New York Mayor, Rudy Guiliani on his love affair. It’s always nice to watch a Yankees game when I get the chance (As I am out of market) and to see Guiliani sitting there cheering as if he was just another 15 year old watching at home. So for me, this article is a nice read. Enjoy!

I have been an over-the-top Yankees fan since I was a little boy. It’s not just a passion. It’s not just a long-standing love affair. To me, the Yankees represent a prism through which I have learned about leadership and about life.

I’ll tell you what I mean.


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