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From MLB Trade Rumors:

Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports hears that the Yankees are “very interested” in Ben Sheets, though they don’t believe the righty is in a hurry to sign. When the Yanks met with agent Casey Close at the Winter Meetings, it became apparent that they had some interest in Sheets, in spite of suggestions that he could seek $12MM per season (quite an ambitious target, in my opinion).

Now that the Red Sox have agreed to terms with John Lackey, it may be the Yankees’ turn to add a former All Star of their own.

Let’s face the facts here. The Yankees don’t “need” anybody to compete this year. After all, they are the defending World Champions. If the Yankees brought back everyone from last year, they would probably be just fine. The fact is…we want to ease our own pain, because we are always expecting the organization to go after the top of the line players and we can’t let the Red Sox show us up. With Halladay and Lackey off the boards, we are looking for the next best thing.

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Update 2:22PM ET:  From MLB Trade Rumors:

11:56am: Jim Salisbury of CSNPhilly.com reports that the Phillies have agreed to an extension with Halladay.

10:00am: Rosenthal hears there’s a chance for a fourth year. It’s still under discussion, but it could be guaranteed and it could be a vesting option.


Oh boy. Everyone on our holiday wish list is disappearing…

Jon Heyman reports:

3-way trade agreed to with halladay going to phils, cliff lee to mariners. phils trying to lock up roy now.

Update:4:45PM ET: Toronto getting Phillippe Aumont and Dominic Brown

As Mike Francesa just said, this makes the Mets done for the season. I can’t believe it. Now where do the Yankees go for another starting pitcher? I guess the Yankees will have more interest in Ben Sheets and Justin Duchscherer now.

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Update: 3:10PMET: Jon Heyman reports: “lackey a great move for #redsox. sources say it’s about $85 mil for 5. good job by @ed_price at AOL Fanhouse”
This takes the Red Sox out of the Halladay race for sure. The only question now is…how involved are the Yankees in the Doc Halladay sweepstakes?
Free-agent right-hander John Lackey underwent a physical Monday with the Red Sox, an indication that he is close to an agreement with the team, according to a major-league source.

The deal is expected to be similar to the five-year, $82.5 million contract that the Yankees awarded free-agent right-hander A.J. Burnett last winter.

This really changes everything. You know damn well that the Yankees can’t lay low and do nothing now. This ends all hope of him coming to the Yankees, so the Roy Halladay door just swung right open.

From Mark Feinsand of the Daily News: 

While Cashman continues to monitor the Roy Halladay situation in Toronto, the general manager is looking at a couple of pitchers coming back from arm surgery: Justin Duchscherer and Ben Sheets.

I guess a player like Jason Marquis and Joel Pineiro won’t do the trick anymore. 

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John Lackey

Don’t get me wrong here, Roy Halladay is the better pitcher, but wouldn’t it make more sense to go after Lackey and not give up as much for him?

A few days ago, Jon Heyman said, that the Yankees are interested in Lackey or Halladay. His source also tells him that the Blue Jays are requesting Jesus Montero, Phil Hughes or Joba Chamberlain, and more for Halladay. Isn’t that a bit much?

The Yankees have unlimited funds. I don’t like hearing the bullshit talk of whether or not they can add another big contract to the payroll. You know when it’s all said and done the Yankees usually take out their checkbooks and slam down a big start during the holidays. I just don’t see why we should give up Montero and someone like Hughes/Chamberlain, when we can simply pay for some pitcher. Do you really want to give away some of our best home grown talent that we’ve had in years?

Lackey is one of only 6 major league pitchers who has won at least 11 games in each year from 2004–09. The others include: CC Sabathia, Derek Lowe, Johan Santana, Javier Vazquez, and Jason Marquis. Lackey’s record was only 11-8 this past season, and that’s mainly due to a lack of run support from the Angels anemic offense. “Big John” is a relatively young righty (a year and a half younger then Halladay), with plenty of postseason experience, and he’s a bulldog who never wants to come out of games. Is the guy is a big game pitcher? Absolutely. (more…)

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Here are some of the latest news, notes, rumors and opinions involving the Yankees:

Roy Halladay

Yankees 3rd in chase for Doc: “Nevertheless, when it comes to the Roy Halladay Sweepstakes, the Yankees appear to be running third. The Angels, who reportedly made an offer to the Blue Jays yesterday, and Phillies are the favorites.”

Juan Miranda

Can Miranda fill the DH spot?: “Juan Miranda can be a DH,” said Cashman, who cut off a question about not having a DH. “We have Jorge Posada, we have Mark Teixeira and A-Rod and a number of guys who can swing over on their days of rest. We have people we can play in that position internally right now.”

Brett Gardner

Gardner attracting interest: “According to a scout familiar with the situation, the Sox were one of two teams in the American League Central letting the New York Yankees know during the winter meetings this week that they covet outfielder Brett Gardner. The Kansas City Royals also were wondering what it would take to acquire the promising 26-year-old leadoff hitter.”

Chien-Ming Wang

Would the Yankees possibly bring Wang back?: “Many believe the Yankees will simply bring Wang back on a lesser deal filled with incentives. Think again. A source close to Wang told me recently that the pitcher is still bothered that the Yankees took him to an arbitration hearing over $600,000 in 2008 – then gloated publicly after winning the case.”

Ryota Igarashi

Yankees interested in Ryota Igarashi: “The Yanks appear to be interested in Ryota Igarashi after trading Brian Bruney away to the Nationals on 12/7.  The Pittsburgh Pirates, San Francisco Giants, and Baltimore Orioles are also rumored to be interested in Igarashi.  And it seems his agent is looking for a 2-year deal wroth about US$2M-3M.” (more…)

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This offseason Brian Cashman has stated that he intends for Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain to be both starters in 2010, which for me, is all good. However, he nonchalantly throws the caveat in there that they can ‘relieve’ as well, which makes me tilt my head to the side much like a dog and go, huh?

Now that we know that Andy will likely be back in Pinstripes this year — it only leaves two spots in the rotation open. Alright, no biggie, Phil and Joba are still locked into the last two spots…one would think.

However, Jon Heyman tweeted that they still want to add a starter anyway. Ok, traditional math tells me 3 plus 1 equals 4. Ok, now things start to get interesting. This means that either Joba or Phil, not both will likely fill that last spot. If you go even further, it is likely, if the Yankees pursue Doc Halladay, that one of them will not be on the team.


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Wrapping up the first day of ther Winter Meetings:

-Pete Caldera reports that Andy Pettitte can expect an offer of over $10 million when the Yanks make their formal pitch to the 37-year-old lefty, according to a source familiar with the club’s thinking.

-John Heyman reports that Johnny Damon is another Yankees priority and they are expected to offer about $20 million over two years to keep him. Yankees’ backup plans are: for pitcher, Pineiro and Wolf; and for outfielder, Mike Cameron, Jermaine Dye, Curtis Granderson and possibly Byrd.

-According to Marc Carig, the team “told entire coaching staff that they’d be offered jobs again.”

-Joel Sherman reports, both the Yankees and Mets have interest in Kelvim Escobar. He might pitch in Venezuela in December to show his health.

-According to ESPN.com’s Jayson Stark, the Mariners, Giants, Mets, Red Sox, Diamondbacks, Orioles, and Yankees are interested in Nick Johnson.

-Tyler Kepner reports that the Yanks interested in Chapman, but at less than $15 mill

Chad Jennings has a ton of updates for us:

-Just talked to a source who seems to agree with most of the conventional thinking that’s floating around. He sees the Yankees going after Johnny Damon but letting Hideki Matsui slide, he sees Andy Pettitte as an early key to the Yankees offseason, and he’d rather keep Phil Hughes and give up Joba Chamberlain in a trade for Roy Halladay. He also has some Red Sox notes for us: (more…)

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COME BACK, ANDY: The Yankees offered Andy Pettitte a one-year deal for around $10 million to remain in Pinstripes, but the initial offer was not accepted. The Yankees offered Andy Pettitte a one-year deal for around $10 million to remain in the Bronx, but the initial offer was not accepted. Pettitte made around $10M this past season between his base salary and bonuses. Andy has been called the team’s number one priority this offseason, as he is a very important chip to this team’s success.

His 2009 base salary was$5.5M, but it was an incentive-laden deal that allowed him to make as much as $12 million if he reached all of the contract’s incentives. Andy Pettitte gave us his best in ’09, and he wound up getting another World Series ring on his finger because of it. He was a workhorse during the postseason, and he could always be counted on when the ball was given to him in a big game situation. He definitely earned his money.

Andy stands as the only player to have been made an offer by the Yankees since the World Series ended. Even though the offer was not accepted, an NL official who had spoken to an involved party insisted that a deal would get done. Why would he want to go anywhere else? It doesn’t make any sense really. Count on him being in the Yankees rotation next season. Assuming they get a deal done, that will leave the Yankees with 60% of their rotation filled. Sabathia, Burnett and Pettitte would fill the first three spots of the rotation. Hughes and Joba are up in the air, as their roles are unknown and they could possibly be traded. That also brings up the idea that the team will likely go after some other pitcher through free agency or the trade market. The two big names linked to the Yankees are Doc Halladay and John Lackey.

I don’t really know why the contract was rejected, but I wouldn’t worry about it. Let’s not get on Pettitte because we don’t really know if that was the exact amount of money was it for. I’m sure we’ll hear more about it in the coming days. Andy has nowhere else to go, and he knows the best chance for him to win another ring would be in the Big Apple. The Winter Meetings have officially started for the Bombers.

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With Yankees organizational meetings now over, the plans for the Yankees have become a little bit clearer than they were a mere few days ago. As expected, the Yankees plan on shedding some payroll this year, how much, is unknown at this time. While Buster Olney tweets that it should be between $190-$200 million, but it isn’t a hard number, obviously. Considering that Buster Olney’s blog always keeps us in the know, it has to be true. ESPN reports that the payroll could go as low as $185 million, though I doubt it will go that low. Time will tell…

Moving on to other news Olney has reported, it appears as if the Yankees don’t have Jason Bay or Matt Holliday at the top of their list, especially if they can resign Johnny Damon for about $7-8 million. I am glad that they are not going to spend a ton of money on either one of them, especially Matt Holliday, as I don’t think he’d be a great AL player, regardless of what Scott Boras tells you. In a minor note, Arn Tellem and Brian Cashman are to get together to talk about Hideki Matsui during winter meetings.


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In a shocking piece of news as the Yankees Organizational meetings come to an end, the Yankees will bid on Roy Halladay. Jon Heyman surmises that it will take some combination of Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, Jesus Montero, and Austin Jackson, which is another bit of shocking news, right?

Personally, I would start off with an offering of Phil Hughes (Sorry Zell!), Austin Jackson and maybe someone like Ian Kennedy. Personally, I believe Joba has a higher upside and I’d rather not potentially give up a bat like Montero’s. Ian Kennedy? That was more of a throw in, I still believe he has something to contribute to a major league team.

In reality, I know that won’t be the package that would win Roy Halladay’s services. I can see either Joba or Montero leaving, but both of them? Unlikely. The winter meetings in Indy begin on Monday and Halladay is likely to dominate meetings there, so let the fun begin!

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Yesterday the Yankees brass started their annual organizational meetings, while Joe Girardi would be in attendance today. Most likely the topics to dominate the meeting would be the budget for 2010, whether or not to re-sign either Johnny Damon or Hideki Matsui (What, no Jose Molina love?) whether to go after free agents John Lackey or Matt Holliday and whether to go after Blue Jays pitcher Roy Halladay.

According to ESPN.com, The Boss has taken part in some of the meetings so far. I don’t know if it’s me, but in years past you would have figured that Big Stein would have been hot on Doc Halladay’s trail by now. Now, we have the Yankees trying to appear to be ‘fiscally responsible’ which is all good, but when the best pitcher in baseball becomes available, acting like you don’t care won’t win. However, the Yankees may come out of their meetings and go after him, which makes my above statement null and void.

The Winter Meetings in Indianapolis begin on Monday, so the outcome of organizational meetings might be obvious then. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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This offseason Yankees fans are wondering how much they’d have to fork over for Doc Halladay or how many years and millions John Lackey would command. Though there is a dark horse candidate lurking in the background that many Yankees fans might not think is on the radar. According to Peter Gammons, the Yankees have not ruled out going after Ben Sheets, which in theory wouldn’t be a bad idea.


Upon mentioned his name, I know I invoke a few groans and rolls of the eyes, which is well deserved, in some cases. Though, the stats do not lie, in 8 active years, he has an ERA of 3.72 and 7.6 Ks per nine innings. Though, when healthy (and that’s a big IF) he can throw 200+ innings easily and even with injury riddled years, he provides 6+ innings in his starts. Think of this, Andy Pettitte re-signs, Roy Halladay doesn’t get traded and John Lackey goes elsewhere, you can slide Ben Sheets in as a 4th or 5th starter and move Joba or Phil to the bullpen or rotate their starts. With Ben not needing to be the #1 starter like he was in Milwaukee, he can relax and pitch his game. When healthy, Ben Sheets has the potential to be a front line starter.


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