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Mike Axisa over at River Ave. Blues visited the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY for the very first time. I am a little shocked he hasn’t been there before, but that’s great that he finally got to go.

The album contains of many Yankees related photos, including the new 2009 World Series display, Babe Ruth’s locker, Matsui’s bat from his grand slam against the Twins in 2003, Derek Jeter’s spikes from when he passed Lou Gehrig’s as the team’s all-time hit leader, a shovel they used to break ground on the New Stadium, Mike Mussina’s hat from his 20th win, Mo’s hat from his 400th save, A-Rod’s helmet from his 500th homer, and Aaron Boone’s bat from Game 7 of 2003 ALCS. The 1996 World Series trophy, one of Don Mattingly’s Gold Gloves, a 1973 ticket booth from Yankee Stadium, Melky’s helmet from his cycle, Curtis Granderson’s jersey from when he went 20-20-20-20, and the lineup card from the team’s record breaking 112th win in 1998 are also in the album.

HOF 2009 World Series display

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