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The Yankees have been a part of my family since I can remember. I attended my first game in 1970, for my 5th birthday, at the original Yankee stadium. They weren’t very good then and they lost the game, but I do remember Bobby Murcer hitting a drive that hit the monuments and bounced straight back to the center fielder. Murcer was thrown at third. Such was the Yankees fate in those days.

In 1988, I introduced my niece to the Yankees. She was 3 at the time and once again, the team was pretty bad. Oh, they sort of hit – but the pitching staff was terrible. Billy Martin started Rick Rhoden (the pitcher) at DH that day. But somehow, they won that game on a Claudell Washington walk-off single. Afterwards, the real reason I was able to convince my sister to attend the game: a Beach Boys concert. (John Stamos was in the back-up band at the time and she was a huge Stamos fan back then).

So, before getting yourself worked up about Mark Teixeira’s average or Chan Ho Park’s ERA, think back to the first Yankee team you fell in love with. Unless you were born after 1995, odds are that first team was pretty bad. Maybe your first hero was Donnie Baseball or Dave Winfield. Perhaps, like me, you wore a Fred Stanley jersey with pride (and incessant ribbing from your friends and Little League teammates). Yes, the team has room for improvement. But at 50-31, this isn’t the 1988 or 1970 Yankees.

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