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Jim Edmonds #15 of the Chicago Cubs watches the flight of his first home run as a member of the Cubs, a solo shot in the 6th inning, against the Colorado Rockies on May 30, 2008 at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois. The Cubs defeated the Rockies 10-9.Update: 5:15PM ET: Cashman states that they are “not on Jim Edmonds at all.” He also said that the team has “had no discussions on Jermaine Dye.”

The Yankees contacted Jim Edmonds not too long ago, who said he wants to play in 2010 and would consider playing in New York. “That’s a pretty nice situation over there,” he said.

The Yankees are looking to sign a left fielder, so it’s not as crazy as it sounds. The reason why many will question Edmonds is because he didn’t even play during the 2009 baseball season and that’s totally understandable. Edmonds will be turning 40 this season, but he did hit 20 home runs in ’08 (.235, 20 hrs, .822 ops). On another note, he hasn’t had a batting average above .260 since 2005. He will be moving back to the American League, which has superior pitching. He’s gotten older since then and we don’t know if he will even be able to reproduce the season he had in Chicago. 

Edmonds was known as one of the best center fielders in the game at one time, but that was years ago. The guy was one hell of an outfielder, but his age and time away from the game have probably diminished his defense even more. The move from center field to left would probably benefit him (because of lost range), but I just don’t see this happening. 

He has stated that he is willing to take the league minimum to prove he could play. He’s definitely an upgrade on the offense side over Gardner, but I rather have Johnny Damon return. If I had to pick between Edmonds and Reed Johnson, that would be another story. If they wanted to go after him about a possible minor-league deal, then that wouldn’t be too bad because there’s really no risk. Other than that, there really isn’t any reason to get him.

Do we really want this guy? What do you guys think? (more…)

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Joel Sherman of the New York Post finds that Johnny Damon returning to the Bronx is unlikely, because the Yankees  are telling agents they have only $2M to spend.  Cashman would have to lobby Hal Steinbrenner to expand the budget to bring back Damon. Supposedly, when they were targeting Mike Cameron back in July, Hal Steinbrenner would not approve a $5.5MM increase. Damon would have to cut his salary demands by a lot, and that is unlikely. If this report is correct, $2M isn’t going to get you anything noteworthy on this FA market.

If they move on from Damon, the team’s next targets are: Xavier Nady, Reed Johnson, Rocco Baldelli, Jerry Hairston Jr., and Marcus Thames.

According to Chris Haft of MLB.com, the “signing of first baseman Aubrey Huff likely finishes the Giants’ offseason efforts to upgrade the ballclub.” So, that means no Damon for the Giants? Isn’t this guy running out of options?

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This upcoming season the Yankees payroll is locked in at less than last year, around $200 million, and after the Yankees recent trades this offseason they are closing in on that magic number of $200 million. However, compared to last year, the Yankees situation in left field is a little more tenuous then most fans expected going into the season.

As it stands, the Yankees are going into the 2010 season with Brett Gardner as its left fielder, unless they happen to sign Reed Johnson or another second tier player. Since no obvious plan has been put in place, it seems as Yankees fans are getting a little uneasy about having Brett Gardner being their left fielder in 2010.

With 2010 here and spring training slowly encroaching in on us, having Brett Gardner as the Yankees left fielder really isn’t that bad. I will say it, it could be worse. It really could. I know what you’re thinking ‘How could it be worse?’ Easy, lets take a walk down memory lane.

First, Brett Gardner. Last year was his first full year, albeit with injuries in the Major Leagues and his line was: .270 BA in 284 plate appearances with 25 stolen bases and was only caught 5 times.

As recent as a few weeks ago, the Yankees were supposedly talking to Reed Johnson. In 7 professional seasons, he has only hit over .300 twice and hit under .270 four times in the same time span. He also doesn’t fit into the Yankees mold of getting ‘younger and more athletic’, however we move on!

Chad Curtis played for the Yankees for a few years during its ‘Dynasty Era’ from 1997 through 1999. In the only season where he played 130+ games with the Yankees in 1998, Curtis hit .243 and then in the following year he hit .262 in a limited role. (more…)

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Brett Gardner is good, but isn’t he more valuable coming off the bench? To be honest, when he first came up I thought that he could be a decent outfielder. It turns out it doesn’t look like he can make it as an everyday player on this club.

We heard that Damon came down from his thought of a three- or four-year deal. Johnny offered to return for two years at $20 million. The Yankees countered at $14 million, and nothing happened after that. He probably wants to stay in New York, but obviously money means more to him then winning.

Supposedly, Xavier Nady’s price “is above the Yankees’ current budget.” The Yanks also don’t appear to be a primary suitor for Jermaine Dye, according to Jon Heyman. DeRosa (Giants), Holliday (Cardinals), Bay (Mets), Kearns (Indians) are all off the board. David DeJesus, Ryan Church, Scott Podsednik, Travis Buck, Reed Johnson, Jerry Hairston Jr. and Johnny Damon are still available. It just seems like the Yankees aren’t budging on this “we have a budget” idea.

Update: 1:30PM ET: MLB Trade Rumors: “Heyman believes the Yankees would not go beyond one year and $6MM to re-sign Johnny Damon.  On MLB Home Plate Boras said Damon “would just have to move forward,” while not faulting the Yankees for sticking to a budget.  Heyman suggests four alternatives for Damon: the Giants, Mariners, Braves, and Angels”

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Now that the Winter Meetings are over and the bulk of the major names have left the market, I think it’s time to look at what the 2010 Yankees roster might look like.

  • I think the only major position unfilled at the moment is left field, with the departure of Johnny Damon.
  • We are hearing many rumors that the Yankees are in talks with Reed Johnson and Jermaine Dye, but nothing has come of that just yet.
  • I figure the Yankees are done adding pitchers, as they just recently obtained Javier Vazquez in a trade.
  • As for the 5th spot in the rotation, I think that Hughes will take that slot and Joba will return to the bullpen. That would be the right thing to do. Who knows what plans the Yankees have for those two guys.

Rotation: Sabathia, Burnett, Pettitte, Vazquez, Hughes/Chamberlain

Bullpen: Rivera, Hughes/Chamberlain, Marte, Robertston, Aceves, Gaudin, Albaladejo

Catchers: Posada, Cervelli

Infield: Teixeira, Cano, Rodriguez, Jeter, Johnson, Pena

Outfield: Gardner, Johnson/Dye, Granderson, Swisher, Hoffmann

I would like to hear what other Yankees fans think about this. What do you guys think of my take on the roster? Am I right or wrong? What are your thoughts on the Hughes/Chamberlain discussion, and the possibility of acquiring Johnson/Dye?

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Sports Illustrated has a list of the 10 best sports arenas of the decade. The New Yankee Stadium ranked at No. 4. “Located across 161st Street from the House that Ruth Built, the Yankees’ new home opened in style as the Bombers won the World Series in 2009. The new home features a giant high-definition screen in center field, gourmet food in private clubs and ample food courts and luxurious seating throughout the stadium.”

Baseball America ranks Jesus Montero Baseball’s 5th Best Prospect. “When he arrives: New York’s offseason moves will dictate whether Montero spends all season at Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre or moves up to the big leagues as a part-time catcher and DH.”

Yanks’ sign former A’s prospect, Javier Herrera to a minor league deal. This outfielder was once considered the best defender in the Oakland system. [In six minor-league seasons the 24-year-old has hit .282/.358/.468 with 49 HR and 213 RBI.]

Yanks reportedly sign catcher Rivera An unnamed Major League source, reported that the team had agreed on a Minor League contract with backstop Mike Rivera. He will be invited to Spring Training this upcoming season.

Joel Sherman reported that the Yankees are “talking regularly” with Reed Johnson and his representatives. Johnson would be obtained for the left field position, and he would give them some flexibility because he can play all three outfield positions. He’s not such a great hitter though. (more…)

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