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According to this intelligent Red Sox fan, A-Rod is a “Looser.” He even went as far to draw eyeballs inside the two o’s. Now, that takes guts.

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With the Yankees and Red Sox ready to square off in their second series tomorrow, 30 Rock’s Alec Baldwin and The Office’s John Krasinski keep the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry going with a new spot for New Era titled “One Hitter” which will debut tomorrow during the opening game of the series. Check it out.


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During today’s Yankees-Red Sox game, New Era, the official on-field cap of MLB, will be unleashing their 2011 “Rivals are Forever” MLB Authentic cap commercial. The commercial will feature 30 Rock’s Alex Baldwin, a Yankees fan, and The Office’s John Krasinski, a die hard Red Sox fan. Here is a preview of some of the trash-talking that goes on:

Baldwin: “Classic Red Sox fan, go ahead and celebrate in April, we’ll dance in October.”

Krasinski: “How are you a Yankees fan at all?  It’s like being a huge fan of facism”…

Baldwin: “No, it’s like being a huge fan of winning, which we do, relentlessly.”

It has to be one of the best commercials I’ve seen in a long time. 

From the Press Release:


“We’ve created a campaign that inspires more passion and celebrates the most talked about aspect of Major League Baseball – the rivalry,” said Christopher H. Koch, CEO. “And we’ve taken one of baseball’s most recognizable rivalries and used it as a catalyst to ignite fans everywhere.”

The commercial is set to air throughout the season during Yankees/Red Sox games on: ESPN, FOX, the YES Network and NESN. They will also be shown on the following cable channels: Comedy Central, Adult Swim, Spike, FX and SNY.


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I think Hank and Hal should reach out to this family. (Video Courtesy of Jimmy Traina-ExtraMustard)

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I got a kick out of this…

From ESPN: PGSS correspondent Zack Robidas conducts an experiment using two Yankees fanatics, the cousins Anthony, to help Boston fans better prepare for a visit this weekend to Yankee Stadium.

“I’m going to be perfectly honest, I felt sorry for the man or the woman that had to walk around wearing this garment.”

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How do Sexy Yankees Girls match up against Sexy Sox Girls? Well, from these sites..it doesn’t look too good.

Sexy Sox Girls vs. Sexy Yankees Girls

The Yankee site can’t even fill out the website. A pretty sad display if you ask me. Their slogan?

“SexySoxGirls.com listed #5 and #7 for most popular internet searches on Google. Can Sexy Yankees Girls do the same? ;)”

Sexy Yankees Girls…submit your photos here

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