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Randy Levine -Chuck Greenberg

The Yankees organization and Chuck Greenberg are at it again. This time around, Levine calls Greenberg “delusional”. As Francesa was saying the other day on his show, why is Levine wasting his time with this guy? The Sports Pope went on to call him a “clown” and said “nobody takes him seriously.” This was the same guy who summed up all Yankees fans during the postseason as “awful” and an “embarassment.”

All this “delusional” talk came about when Greenberg started running his mouth at Rangers’ Fan Fest last Sunday. He said:

“I think if we wouldn’t have gone to Arkansas that last time, I think he was going to sign with the Yankees.”…”We pried the door open a little bit to give ourselves another opportunity. And ultimately the Phillies were able to take advantage of that opportunity that we created. While we would have preferred that he would have chosen to go with us, we’re real pleased that he’s going to the other league.”

Levine’s Response:

“I think Chuck is delusional,” Levine said. “He’s been in the game a few minutes, but it seems to be that he thinks he knows what everybody else is thinking. He should really let Cliff Lee speak for himself.”

“If he really wants to impress us then he can get the Rangers off of welfare and show how they can be revenue-sharing payers, rather than recipients for three years in row, without financing from Major League Baseball,” Levine said Friday.

Greenberg refused to comment after Levine struck back. Maybe Randy finally shut him up. Although, I have a feeling we haven’t heard the last of him. (more…)

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From the New York Post:

ORLANDO, Fla. — The Yankees are planning to make a contract offer of at least three years to Derek Jeter very soon, perhaps before the end of this week, The Post has learned.

The Yankees had hoped Jeter would make an initial proposal, but now recognize that is not going to occur. So the team has decided it is time to try to move the negotiations forward.

The expectation is the Yankees will offer something in the three-year, $45 million range, which will create some negotiating room to climb toward $57 million to $60 million on a three-year deal or perhaps go to a fourth-year option or a straight fourth year as a way to reach a settlement. Of course, that is assuming Jeter finds that range acceptable.

“The will is there to get it done,” Yankees president Randy Levine said. “And I believe there is a way.”

As I’ve said before, people shouldn’t be questioning whether or not Derek will be donning the pinstripes next season, but rather how much they will overpay to make him a “Yankee for life.” The contract negotiations with the “old guard” are holding the Yankees from making further moves, so the sooner these negotiations are over..the better.

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From Jon Heyman:

The Yankees plan to bring back manager Joe Girardi at a raise, no matter what some fans may say about his reliance on his ever-present binder. He is well-liked by Yankees honchos Hal Steinbrenner, Randy Levine and Brian Cashman. Girardi hasn’t been great in the ALCS, though, as he got greedy by staying too long in Game 4 with A.J. Burnett, who has been brutal and was pitching on 17 days’ rest. Burnett should have been removed after five very good innings, rather than be left in to try to pitch out of a sixth-inning jam.
I think we all knew this day was coming. The front office loves him, and that’s that.

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Empire Of The Son/NY Post

From the New York Post:

Signs are all four want to continue to run it for their father’s memory, but also for their children’s future.

“I think their family loves this,” Yankees GM Brian Cashman said. “They are all involved. They like it. This is their life. It is a part of them. Their name is branded on the team. They already delivered a championship for [George], and now they want to deliver more.”

Team president Randy Levine added: “They have no plans to sell. There are no succession issues.”

We all know how badly George Steinbrenner wanted to win. He dug deep down into his pockets to put the best product on the field. The Boss also had a way of owning the newspaper headlines in New York. I haven’t seen the hunger for the back page out of Hal Steinbrenner, but I don’t think you can question his passion for winning. From what we’ve seen so far, it seems like they have followed in their father’s footsteps when it comes to acquiring big-name players (Sabathia, Burnett, Teixeira). Let’s not forget that just a  few years ago, old George allowed the little elephants into the tent. That means that Hal and Hank have run the day-to-day operations of the team since their father’s health started to decline.

As Sherman states:

Instead, Hal had taken a few key criteria from his dad: Keep the payroll, star power and attention to the brand high. But he has added a few distinctly non-George elements. He is way more analytical than his go-with-your-gut father. He is demanding, but not a yeller or quick to demean or threaten. He will bend sometimes on payroll, as he did with Mark Teixeira. But unlike his dad, he will not be influenced nearly as much by the smell of a championship or the whiff of sentimentality.

Why sell the Yankees? To me, it seems like that’s the life they’ve always known. They grew up with a father that demanded excellence and drove a team that was in the ground, to the top of the sports world. You figure they would want to carry that legacy for many more years. With all that said, I wouldn’t expect the Steinbrenner’s to announce they were selling the team right after their father passed away. IF they were to ever sell the team, the big concern would be whether those people had a drive to do anything in their power to win a World Series. The goal every year in New York is to win the Fall Classic, and anything short of that is considered a failure. I think the general feeling is that the Steinbrenner family will continue to own the New York Yankees franchise. The only question is…for how long? According to a team consultant, the Steinbrenner’s will keep the Yanks “forever.”

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Yesterday, I skipped school to go to my very first home opener at Yankee Stadium. Here is a rundown of how it went:

I woke up early in the morning to head down to the stadium so I wouldn’t miss any of the festivities. I got there before the gates opened and had a chance to walk around. While walking past Gate 4, I noticed Chris Shearn recording one of his pre-game segments for the YES Network. After he was done, I introduced myself, took a photo with him and spoke for a couple of minutes. He’s a really nice guy. Than I waited on line for the gates to open.

The Pre-Game:

Got in a few minutes after the gates opened, and I went directly to Monument Park. I wanted to take pictures with some of the monuments that I didn’t get a chance to take the first time around. I walked around the ballpark after that and saw Harlan Chamberlain, but I didn’t get a chance to meet him. He was kind of busy talking to some people, so I moved on. I also noticed Mark Feinsand of the Daily News near the press elevator, but he too was busy talking to someone..so I didn’t bother. The halls of the stadium were jam-packed and the atmosphere was terrific. Stopped off at Nathan’s for some food and went up to my seats for the ceremony.

The Food & Merchandise:

Before the game: Nathan’s Hot Dog and Fries Middle of the 5th inning: Johnny Rocket’s Double Burger, Souvenir Yankees Cup (Pepsi). I also bought a 2010 NY Yankees Yearbook, Media Guide and home opener program.


I was very pleased with the way the ring ceremony was done. Watching Yogi and Whitey hand out the rings to the players was a pretty cool moment. The player introductions were great, and it was really nice to see Gene Monahan and Hideki Matsui return. All the players in the dugout gave Geno a standing ovation, and it was very emotional moment for him. The Yankees also put The Boss on the centerfield scoreboard during the ceremony, and the Yankees gave him a nice ovation as well. Matsui got the biggest ovation of them all, and he certainly deserved it.

The championship flags for each of the Yankees’ 27 WS titles, the giant unfurled American flag in the outfield, and the “Fighting Omars” fly over were really a sight to see. Kristen Chenoweth (National Anthem) and Mary May Messenger (“God Bless America”) did a fine job with their performances. Bernie Williams bounced the ceremonial first pitch, but I was still happy to see him there.

The Game:

I sat in Section: 329 Row: 2 Seat (Terrace ††). The view from my seat was pretty good.

  • The Bleacher Creatures did their first roll call of the season, and everyone was watching to see how Curtis Granderson would salute them.
  • I give major props to Andy Pettitte for stepping off the mound when Matsui came up to the plate, so the fans could give him his due.
  • Nick Johnson was stepping up to the plate to Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the U.S.A.” song, because his little daughter was in the building. A lot of the fans around me were making fun of him, and I thought that was interesting. He shut them all up when he went yard in the 1st inning.

Andy Pettitte pitched a hell of a game, throwing six shutout innings while striking out 6 batters.. There is no other guy on the team that I would’ve rather had starting that game than him.

Interestingly enough, many fans started to head for the exit when the Yankees took a 7-1 lead heading into the 9th. I stayed for the last out, as I always do. I kind of got that feeling that something was going to happen, and that the home opener wouldn’t be complete without The Sandman. I was right about that. David Robertson gave up a grand slam to Bobby Abreu, and the Angels trailed by only two runs. When Mo came in, you pretty much knew the game was over and there was nothing to worry about. Mariano did what he does best and nailed down the 2-out save for the victory. Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today. I want to be a part of it – New York, New York…

The Press Gate:

After the game was over, my friend and I walked over to the press gate in the back of the stadium. I wasn’t actually prepared to get autographs this time around, so I was just looking to take some photos with anyone I met. Next time, I’ll be sure to bring a ball and a pen.

We waited for the players, front office staff, broadcasters and celebrities to walk out. Who did we miss? Mayor Bloomberg, Jay-Z, John Sterling, Michael Kay and Suzyn Waldman. I stayed there for about an hour, and we saw pretty much all of the Yankee players roll out in their cars. Derek Jeter, Nick Swisher, Phil Hughes, Tony Pena, Fransisco Cervelli, and many other strolled out of the gate in their cars. You couldn’t identify many of them because of the tinted windows on their cars. Hal Steinbrenner walked out of the Yankees offices, signed some autographs for the fans and was on his way. The rest of the Steinbrenner clan followed (including Jennifer Steinbrenner Swindal).

Nick Johnson also showed up with his family. His little daughter stood right next to him, as he signed autographs and took some quick photos with the fans. I got a chance to meet and take a photo with Randy Levine, Bob Lorenz, and Kim Jones. They were all glad to take a photo with me. Bob took the time to chat with me, and I really appreciated that. We spoke about the game, twitter, and our respective blogs. Unfortunately, my photo with Mr. Levine came out terrible so I had to delete it. Haha

Torii Hunter came out of the gate and signed autographs and posed for a photograph with anyone who wanted one. I don’t think he said no to one fan. He was doing this all for Yankee fans, so I thought that was pretty cool. You don’t see that out of many all-star caliber ball players these days. Ervin Santana, Eric Aybar, Bobby Abreu and Richard Gere (donning a Yankees cap) all walked out as well. I tried to get Gere’s attention by yelling out his name, but he didn’t want to be bothered and that’s fine with me. No hard feelings.

All in all, it was a great day.


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Milwaukee Brewers owner, Mark Attanasio, has complained about the way the Yankees go about spending their money on high-priced players. The Yankees organization has the funds to do what they do without breaking any of the rules set forth by MLB. The Brewers have received millions of dollars due to revenue sharing, and the real question is…where has that money gone? 

Levine said: 

“I’m sorry that my friend Mark continues to whine about his running the Brewers,” Levine told ESPNNewYork.com in a phone interview Tuesday morning. “We play by all the rules and there doesn’t seem to be any complaints when teams such as the Brewers receive hundreds of millions of dollars that they get from us in revenue sharing the last few years. Take some of that money that you get from us and use that to sign your players.“The question that should be asked is: Where has the hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue sharing gone?” 

Attanasio responds: 

“Among other things, I didn’t think I was whining,” Attanasio said on Tuesday evening, about an hour before the Brewers played the Rockies at Miller Park. “I was just stating a simple fact.” (more…)

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It looks as if Randy Levine is really trying to brainwash these Asian kids…

From the Yankees Official Website:

The trophy moved on Thursday from Beijing Airport to Hong Kong, arriving on Delta Airlines at approximately 2 p.m. China Standard Time (13 hours ahead of U.S. Eastern Standard Time). Upon arrival, fans greeted the trophy and the Yankees delegation.

On Friday, the trophy is scheduled to be displayed at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, where fans will be able to enjoy the trophy in its final public appearance in Asia. The Hyatt Regency hotel will then host a brief press conference featuring the Yankees delegation and introducing the trophy to fans.

Additionally, Afterman will attend the opening ceremonies for the Hong Kong International Women’s Baseball Tournament on Saturday morning, throwing out the event’s first pitch.


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The New York Yankees continued their World Series Championship Trophy tour on Wednesday, as Randy Levine and Brian Cashman traveled to Beijing. They held another press conference similar to the one in Japan, and young fans crowded around the trophy to get a good look.

The manager of MLB in China, Xie Long, posed for photos with the trophy during the conference. It looks as if the Yankees organization is recruiting people to join Yankees Universe. 


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The President of the New York Yankees, Randy Levine, and GM Brian Cashman took a trip to Japan to take part in a exhibition ceremony for the Yankees’ 2009 World Series trophy. This is one of the many stops they will be making during their trip. Takuo Takihana, the owner of the Yomiuri Giants was in attendance and posed for photos at the MLB cafe TOKYO in Japan on Monday. Not only was the Yankees World Series trophy on display, but the Giants’ 2009 Japan Series trophy was there as well. Both trophies were displayed side-by-side at the cafe, and invited guests were able to observe the trophies throughout the evening.

Randy Levine spoke during the ceremony, and had this to say:

“The New York Yankees have fans all over the world, and we’re also very aggressive in trying to create new fans all over the world,” Levine said. “We think the New York Yankees brand is maybe the most recognizable in sports. We have both New Yorkers and Yankees fans who live all over. We won this World Series for our fans everywhere.”

The World Series trophy’s next stop will be in Beijing and Hong Kong.


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     Looks like the Yankees are testing out the lights at the new ballpark. Thank WCBS’ Tom Kaminski from Chopper 880 for supplying me with these photos:



With Joe Torre’s new book coming out…I thought I would put up a new poll about it. Check it out on the right side of this page.  The question is:

What are your thoughts on Joe Torre now that he has released his new book?

Go Vote!!


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