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Derek Jeter

Photo Courtesy of Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Last week, Derek Jeter held a pregame press conference with the media prior to the team’s game against the Blue Jays. This was the first time he addressed the media after reinjuring his left ankle. When asked if he’d return to the ball club this season, his response was, “no doubt.” He seemed to answer a lot of questions with that same answer. He went onto say, “when you have doubt, that’s when you’re in trouble.” He didn’t want to make any promises on when he would exactly return, but the general consensus is that it will be after the all-star break.

Derek was upbeat throughout the entire interview. He was cracking smiles and making jokes, so it was nice to see him in good spirits. A media member brought up Derek’s “Advanced Age” and said that maybe that’s why this injury occurred, but Jeter insisted it was just a freak thing. If there’s a player out there that hates sitting on the bench, it’s Derek Jeter. We all know about his great work ethic, his dedication to the team and his will to win. There was another question asking whether he would be able to return to form prior to the injury. Derek responded that he fully expects to play at the same level as he did before. At this point, Jeter is still in a walking boot and remains months away from his return. There wasn’t any real groundbreaking news throughout the conference, but the most important thing you saw was that Derek was very positive about his return.

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Jorge Posada’s retirement press conference was quite emotionally stirring. It’s not often a player wears one uniform for their entire career. Posada put up phenomenal numbers in the most demanding position on the field and served as a great vocal leader for the franchise. He wore his heart on his sleeve and will rank with some of the greats to ever put on the Yankee pinstripes.

Posada stated that he grew up in front of the fans. The said can be said about myself. When Posada got the call up in 1995, I was 4 years-old. Seventeen years later, Posada is hanging ’em up and here stands a 20 year-old Yankees fan. It’s hard to believe.

“Playing for the Yankees has been an honor — I could never have worn another uniform,” Posada said. (more…)

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Do you remember that Yankee Stadium security guard who retrieved the 600th HR ball in Monument Park? Well, Jack Curry has his back-story:

From Jack Curry:

Frankie Babilonia was the 23-year old security guard who retrieved A-Rod’s 600th homer in Monument Park. “That was really cool,” he said.

Babilonia was filling in on the Monument Park post for another security guard so that’s why he was in position to get A-Rod’s 600th homer.

Frankie Babilonia told me that scooping up A-Rod’s 600th HR in Monument Park was “one of the coolest things in my life.” Kid was elated.

Frankie Babilonia has worked security at Stadium for 2 years, but has never met A-Rod. By day’s end, my guess is that will change.

As I spoke to Frankie Babilonia about retrieving A-Rod’s homer ball, someone joked he should have kept it. He said that was never a choice

As you can see from the picture above, Babilonia was invited to the press conference and he got the chance to meet Alex. He shook his hand, was given a autographed bat and posed for photos on the stage. I guess he was in the right place at the right time.

NEW YORK- AUGUST 04: Alex Rodriguez


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