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Just a couple of weeks ago, Brian Cashman held a conference with the media and delivered the news that Yankees pitching coach Dave Eiland, would not be returning next season. In the press conference, Cashman stated that he was not being blamed for what happened this October and the reasons for his departure were going to be kept private.

On June 4th of the this year, Dave Eiland took a leave of absence from the ball club, which stirred up a lot of talking among the media and fans. The organization wouldn’t unveil the reasons for that decision, and it was rumored to be a family issue. During that time, A.J. Burnett was falling apart on the mound and he didn’t have his coach by his side to assist him. He returned in late June, resuming his regular role as pitching coach.

After the season, ESPN came out with a story that claimed there was a rift between Eiland and Girardi, which was the reason for his departure. Dave Eiland’s response:

“That’s absolutely ridiculous and simply not true,” Eiland told the Daily News in an e-mail. “Joe and I have never had a problem nor do we now. He’s a solid baseball man and a great manager, and more importantly one of the best human beings I have ever met.” Eiland declined to discuss any of the details surrounding his departure from the Yankees.

The Yankees pitching staff faltered in the postseason, but was Eiland to blame for that? Did they just want to shake things up a bit? Did the firing have something to do with that leave of absence? Something tells me it does. I was caught by surprise by the firing, because I thought he was highly regarded within organization, especially since he worked with several of the current players while they were in the minor leagues. I’m not sure we’ll ever know the real reason behind this. Now, the team is in need of a pitching coach. Who will it be? Thoughts?

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