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Hurley/Daily News

Hurley/Daily News

Yesterday, the New York Yankees organization and the game of Major League Baseball lost a legendary sports icon. Yankees’ longtime PA announcer, Bob Sheppard passed away at the age of 99.

You always heard about how classy, eloquent and polite this man was from everyone that knew him. Even those who met him one time, or for just a few seconds were in awe of this legendary man. Growing up, any kid wishing to become a major league ballplayer one day, always dreamed of having Bob Sheppard announce their name as they walked up to the plate. It wasn’t just any ordinary old man behind the microphone, but it was considered an honor and a privilege to have him announce your name. Sheppard’s voice would send shivers down your spine.

His unique voice was synonymous with the New York Yankees. He always followed the three C’s: Clear, Concise, Correct. That was his approach every time he walked into his booth. I remember there were once plans to record his voice,  so it could be played throughout the stadium forever. I think that just about sums up how much he meant to this franchise. He was dubbed, “The Voice of God” by Reggie Jackson. To us Yankees fans, he really was.

According to ESPN, Bob is survived by his wife, Mary, by sons Paul and Christopher, daughters Barbara and Mary, four grandchildren & about nine great-grandchildren. With Derek Jeter still planning on using the recording of Sheppard’s voice, we will still be able to hear his golden pipes throughout the stadium for many more years. His voice hasn’t gone silent, because it will echo through the bowels of Yankee Stadium in our minds forever.

“I know St. Peter will now recruit him. If you’re lucky enough to go to heaven, you’ll be greeted by a voice, saying: ‘Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to heaven!’”-Paul Sheppard

“Most men go to work, but I go to a game.” -Bob Sheppard


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Bob Sheppard has officially announced his retirement from public address announcing after celebrating his 99th birthday and serving more than 50 years for the Yankees organization.

We all know his great legacy by now, as he has been announcing the Yankees lineups since April 17, 1951. His career has spanned approximately 4,500 games, including 121 consecutive postseason games.

The last lineup he announced was recorded in his home for Yankee Stadium’s final game on Sept. 21, 2008. This guy is truly one of my favorite Yankees. It just shows how popular this guy is when you can’t name any other PA announcers in baseball.

The Legendary Mr. Sheppard speaks:

“I have no plans of coming back,” Sheppard said on Wednesday in a telephone interview. “Time has passed me by, I think. I had a good run for it. I enjoyed doing what I did. I don’t think, at my age, I’m going to suddenly regain the stamina that is really needed if you do the job and do it well.”

“I haven’t been well,” Sheppard said. “I had problems breathing for a while, and then I had a loss of weight. Now I’m trying to build myself back up again to get back to the stamina that I had when I played football at St. John’s [University] many, many, many years ago, and life-guarding in the summer. I was at one time, about two years ago, down to 103 pounds.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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Bob Sheppard

“Good afternoon (or Good evening)… ladies and gentlemen… and welcome… to Yankee Stadium.”

Robert (Bob) Leo Sheppard or the “Voice of God” has been behind the microphone since 1951. He has announced over 4,500 Major League Baseball games during his broadcasting career. It’s truly remarkable. I have stated my appreciation for Mr. Sheppard many times on this blog, and you really can’t say enough about him. He will never be replaced.

Bob’s stated birthdate according to multiple sites is listed as October 12, 1910. That is not true, according to Sheppard.

He did confirm that his birthday is Oct. 20, not the 12th, as has been reported.

So, that would make him 99 years old today. I know Mr. Sheppard doesn’t like to talk about how old he actually is, but I think it’s amazing and should be celebrated.

Derek Jeter has referred to Sheppard “as much of a Yankee as anybody”, and I couldn’t agree more. I know everyone in Yankees Universe misses him, and we send our best wishes. It’s not the same without him. Bob Sheppard Tribute Video

In a recent telephone conversation, Bob addressed some issues:

“You are putting me on the spot,” he said from his home in Baldwin. “I’ll tell you what. I’m not yet 100, but I’m moving toward it. If God is good, I’ll make it.”

“I’m fair, not great,” he said. “But I’m not dead; I’m alive. I’m not healthy, ready to go to football, baseball or basketball, but I’m alive, day by day.” (more…)

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