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Mo v. the Captain: Joe Posnanski tries to figure out who has been the most important Yankee player since 1996.

Joe Pawlikowksi over at RAB talks about Phil Hughes developing curveball. He claims that Hughes has relied on his four-seam and cut-fastball (throwing them a combined 76.4 percent of the time) throughout the season. He’s thrown his curveball more often of late, but the pitch isn’t as effective as it once was.

Just a few days ago (Aug. 13th), Orlando Hernandez, pitched againt the Trenton Thunder. He’s attempting a comeback at the age of 44 with the Washington Nationals. I wonder how that will work out. We wish the best of luck to El Duque.

A 101 year-old Cubs fan, Harvey Pulawski, has some good advice for Yankees fans: “Stop stressing Yankee fans over the LITTLE things, your team always seems to make up for them in BIG ways.” Check out the story on Chris Shearn’s blog: Off The Wall: 101 Years of Agony

Ruth family photos hit auction block: “A collection of autographed Babe Ruth photos originally owned by his sister and never seen by the public have hit the auction block through SchulteAuctions.com. The collection consists of five original photos and an inner book cover, which was signed, dated and personalized by The Bambino to Mamie Margaret Ruth-Moberly. The items have been consigned by the family and have never before been Lonn Trostpublicly available.

Ethics commission calls for Gov. Paterson to pay $96K fine for free Yankees World Series tickets.

Yankees Fun Fact:Former Yankees outfielder, Glenallen Hill, is also known as “Spiderman.” It’s not for his love of the superhero, though. Hill suffers from severe arachnophobia. Hill has a particularly bad attack during his time with the Blue Jays. He has a nightmare about being covered in spiders. Hill jumps out of bed and crashes through a glass table, then falls down stairs, ending up on the 15-day DL.” (more…)

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ESPN’s E:60 Profiles Yankees’ Nick Swisher:ESPN’s award-winning primetime newsmagazine E:60 will feature an exclusive interview with Nick Swisher of the New York Yankees and profile what he has brought to the team in the episode airing Tuesday, Aug. 3, at 7 p.m. ET.”

Psychic brought in to find Bambino’s piano: Lee Swanson, curator of the Sudbury Historical Society, said the piano was pushed onto the frozen pond by Ruth himself in 1918 so he could sing and dance with his neighbors. When the ice melted in the spring, it sunk to the bottom of the pond.” Talk about weird..

Strawberry’s Sports Grill: Darryl’s new restaurant in Queens opens this Thursday. He plans to have a very active role in the business. “I might surprise people sometimes – come out and be the waiter,” he said yesterday while leading the Daily News on an exclusive tour of the eatery. 

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Aroldis Chapman, a lefthanded Cuban pitcher who has been known to hit triple digits on the radar gun will soon be making close, if not more than $10 million a year. Currently, the Yankees, Mets and Red Sox (among other teams) are likely to court the Cuban Defector. While I fully support the Yankees’ quest to further the talent on their club, I am not so sure about Aroldis Chapman. Looking back on previous talent the Yankees have either signed from Japan or as Cuban defectors, their career haul hasn’t been that great in all honesty. The lone exception is El Duque, who had been above average during his time with the Yankees (See: 1998 ALCS). Here are the career stats for those wonderful Yankees imports:

El Duque: 90-65, 4.13 ERA

Kei Igawa: 2-4, 6.66 ERA

Jose Contreras: 71-63, 4.61 ERA

Hideki Irabu: 34-35, 5.15 ERA

Going even further, Daisuke Matsuzaka hasn’t been that great for all the hype he has received. His career numbers are: 37-21 with a 4.00 ERA.

In conclusion, while Aroldis Chapman could potentially be a devastating weapon to have, especially in Yankees Stadium, the trends that have been set before him don’t favor his success. I fully expect the Yankees to be involved in this and I wish them the best of luck. However, if Chapman bombs in his MLB career, I will be the first one in the ‘I Told You So’ line.

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     When you talk about great postseason pitchers in the last 15 years, the first name that comes to mind may be Josh Beckett. What about Orlando Hernandez? Maybe his name doesn’t come up anymore because he is no longer with the Yankees, and he hasn’t been to the postseason in the 3 years. You can make the argument that he is just as good, if not a better postseason pitcher than Josh Beckett.

just take a look at the numbers…

Josh Beckett(Made the postseason 3 times..won the WS 2X, 2003 WS MVP, 2007 ALCS MVP)

8 Postseason Series: 87IP  (W-L) 7-2  13G  12GS   2.90ERA  62H  28ER  20BB  96K

Orlando Hernandez(Made the postseason 7 times…won the WS 4X, 1999 ALCS MVP)

15 Postseason Series: 106IP  (W-L) 9-3  19G  14GS   2.55ERA  77H  30ER  55BB 107K

     I guess I’m just mad that El Duque doesn’t get the credit he deserves. Most true fans realize how good he really was, but when the postseason is brought up..most don’t mention Hernandez. As of right now..I think you can give it to El Duque, as he has a lower ERA, a better record, and two more WS rings. Beckett has been phenomenal in the postseason, and he has many more years in baseball to prove he is better.


Mike Mussina’s Yankees Legacy  /  Best for Yankees to Keep Swisher, Not Nady

Projecting the 2009 Yankee Defense Using Fangraph’s UZR

Who is the bigger fraud — Roger Clemens or you?

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