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NEW YORK- AUGUST 16: Johnny Damon

From ESPN.com:

Could the Boston Red Sox be looking to recapture the magic of 2004 that brought an end of their 86-year World Series drought?

Detroit Tigers outfielder Johnny Damon confirmed to reporters Monday that he has been claimed on waivers by the Red Sox and that he has until Wednesday to decide whether he would waive his no-trade clause to return to Fenway Park.

“My teammates are making this decision easier by saying they want me to stay,” Damon said after Monday’s 12-3 win over Kansas City. “My gut and everything else tells me that Detroit’s the place for me

During tonight’s post-game,┬áDamon said:

“I like to believe that we can still get back into this thing. Our schedule looks okay. We can definitely make a run.”

I don’t think any Yankees fan wants to see Johnny Damon in a Red Sox uniform ever again. Let’s hope he stays with the Tigers.

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