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Ever get asked ‘Why is it called the World Series if the whole world doesn’t partake in it?’ I know I do and I really don’t have much of an answer for such question. If you do, I’ll gladly listen to it. However, recently Bud Selig and Ryozo Kata, Commissioner of Nippon Professional Baseball,  in a meeting discussed the possibility of the champions from their leagues of facing each other in a ‘Global’ World Series. Kata had this to say:

“I was surprised, Mr. Selig said he wants to realize the plan before his tenure ends.”

Selig is set to retire in 2012. This would be an interesting venture between the two countries as it would open new avenues of revenue for both leagues and countries. However, there are a lot of logistics for this to become a reality. For example, how many games are played and where? It is unlikely they’ll play 3 in Japan, then fly to the U.S. They’d have to work out a rotating system where one country gets it one year, the other the next, etc. Another issue is scheduling. This would obviously have to be done quickly after the MLB World Series and it would obviously impact the offseason and free agency.

I bet, if this was implemented, we could see an earlier start to the season, even if by a week or two. This all could be a pipe dream as the owners of 30 clubs will likely weigh in with their opinions. I think this could be possibly an exciting venture for both leagues, don’t you?

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