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As it stands now, the New York Rangers are up 2-0 in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Montreal Canadiens. They’re just two wins away from advancing to the Stanley Cup. For all of you who were old enough to appreciate the 1993-1994 Stanley Cup Rangers, here’s a trip down memory lane as the champs take “The Cup” to Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.


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The 2014 NHL Coors Light Stadium Series is coming up at the end of the month, and it looks like Henrik Lundqvist will be making a new fashion statement. On the right side of his new mask, Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio and Lou Gehrig are pictured. It’s only fitting because the two games will take place at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. It looks as if Henrik’s custom crown logo (from the Crown Collection) will be on the front of the mask.

Update: 7:00PM ET: Here is a full shot of the complete mask in all it’s glory:

The Henrik Lundqvist Blog also pointed out some interesting pinstriped goalie pads (made by Bauer) that he might be using in the upcoming series. This isn’t set in stone, but these could be the pads he wears:

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 Via Newsday.com:

GREENBURGH, N.Y. – People have overcome problems worse than having gone four games without a goal, as top scorer Marian Gaborik has, or a whole week without a goal, as the Rangers’ entire team has.

A year ago, Gaborik was recovering from hip surgery, and only two months after that, he was counseling a more famous patient on the same operation. They both wound up OK.

Last March, Gaborik gave a 15-minute, in-person pep talk to Alex Rodriguez, who wanted reassurance about having his torn labrum repaired. “I met him there, I talked to him in Vail and I haven’t talked to him since,” Gaborik said after practice Friday.

Gaborik was in Colorado, rehabbing from surgery by the same doctor, Marc Philippon, when he was sought out by the Yankees’ third baseman.

Gaborik’s first impression: “Nice guy. Huge, huge guy. He doesn’t look like that on TV.”

Rodriguez’s impression: deep gratitude for the encouragement.

“It was the doctor who did everything,” Gaborik said. “But I know that for myself, it was always good to hear from somebody who had it done and got through things. And [A-Rod] had a great year.”

No one in the National Hockey League is having a season quite like Gaborik’s. Entering Friday night, his 28 goals were tied for third. His percentage of his team’s goals, 23.3, was first. (more…)

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This past Friday, the Bruins and Flyers squared off  in the New Years Day Winter Classic. Fenway park was packed to the gills, and those fans got to see a great game.

There was a lot of talk going on that Yankee Stadium would be the #1 choice for 2011 New Years Winter Classic game, but we find out that the NCAA Yankee Bowl game might interfere with those plans. 

The Yankees have already made an agreement with the NCAA to host a college football game there from 2011-2013. They claim that the bowl game could be played from Dec. 25-Jan. 1. 

Could the Yankee Bowl and Winter Classic be held on the same field in such a short time span? The NHL needs a seven-day build out plan for the Winter Classic venues. That would prevent the league from setting up a rink. The new bowl game supposedly doesn’t have a television contract just yet, so that means it’s not locked into a date. So, does that eliminate the idea of them playing in the Bronx from 2011-2013? Maybe if the Yankee Bowl date was changed, then maybe it can be done.

The New York Rangers would be the team to play in the Bronx. The Bruins, Devils, or Canadiens are rivals of the Broadway Blueshirts, and they could definitely be a practical opponent. I would say the NY Islanders, but I just don’t see that happening because the NHL would want to stretch their ratings outside of the New York market. With both teams being in New York, they are limiting their viewers to one location. (more…)

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