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Last night you got the feeling that those Yankee ghosts officially crossed the street to the new stadium. Many players said that when they first visited the new ballpark it didn’t have that intimidating feeling yet. With 17 walk-offs combine in the regular season and postseason, and 5 straight playoff wins later..I bet they feel different now.

Those loyal Yankee fans standing behind the team deep into the night yesterday witnessed a miracle in the Bronx.

Ruth, Gehrig, Dimaggio, Mantle…they have arrived


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Yankee Stadium

Entering this season, many fans were worried that the new Yankee Stadium wouldn’t have that “home” like feel to it. Since April, they’ve had a drop in home runs, more fans attending the games, and an exciting playoff run to be excited about. Let’s not forget about those 15 walk off hits they had in the Bronx.

People made it sound like this wouldn’t be a place that would scare opposing teams. Sure, it doesn’t have the aura and mystique that the old stadium had, but that doesn’t mean it won’t get that. The other stadium had such long history, so it’s hard to compare the two

The inaugural season at the “House That George Built” has come to an end, and you can say that it was a successful one. The Yankees had a 57-24 record in their new park, which was the best home record in baseball. (more…)

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     Here are a few more photos of the new stadium. I want to thank Adelaide_35 from Flickr.com for supplying me with these photos:


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     Obstructed views in the New Yankee Stadium? That’s not what I like to hear. The Yankees spent so much money on this new ballpark, and they couldn’t come up with a way to fix this stuff?

     It looks like there will be support columns going down the right and left field lines on the main level of the stadium. That just ain’t right. Many fans will be putting down a lot of money for some of these seats and they will have obstructed views. These aren’t the best seats in the house by far, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get to see the game like everybody else.

     The support columns aren’t the only problem. The huge restaurant in center field will obstruct the views of  many fans in the bleacher seats. It looks like they will miss out on home runs hit to the opposite side of the ballpark.

Sliding Into Home:

According to people close to the project, the restaurant will “only” obstruct the view of about 300 people. But don’t worry folks, they’re placing TVs on those walls so people can watch what they’re missing in real life. Everyone just loves going to a game to end up watching half of it on TV.

     I can’t wait for the new stadium to open up, but this isn’t encouraging news. I can’t  judge how it will really be until it’s all completed. I will have to see it for myself.


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     Here are some photos of the new stadium I recently found over at StadiumPage.com. Looks like the rest of the gate signs and awnings are going up.


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     Well it’s almost time for the construction workers to turn over the keys to the Yankees, and the stadium is really taking shape. I want to thank Daniel Peralta from flickr.com for the pics. Here are the photos:



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     This off-season is one for the ages. The Yankees made headlines day in and day out. This team makes news 365 days a year, and it just amazes me. Let’s go take a look at what went on this off-season:

  1. Giambi, Pavano, & Abreu, Betemit, I-Rod, Rasner, & Ponson leave the Yankees.
  2. The Yankees bring in CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, Mark Teixeira, & Nick Swisher.
  3. Joe Torre published a new book, called “The Yankee Years”. A-Rod is called “A-Fraud”.
  4. Alex Rodriguez allegedly used steroids back in 2003.
  5. Joba Chamberlain will be a starter in 2009.
  6. The Yankees bring back Pettitte for another year.
  7. The New Yankee Stadium is going to be unbelievable.
  8. David Wells thinks Torre is a Punk and he wants to knock him out. Haha
  9. The Yankees have a new inaugural season stadium patch
  10. Bernie Williams still wants to play baseball.
  11. The Yankees are the favorites to win the 2009 World Series
  12. The Yankees have the best rotation and overall team on paper.
  13. Jeter will face his own team in the WBC.
  14. Ajack & Montero make the Top 50 Prospects in MLB
  15. Joba Chamberlain arrested on DUI charge

I’m sure I’m missing some stuff, but that pretty much sums up the Yankees crazy off-season.



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     Put yourself in A-Rod’s shoes. Is it really that easy to come clean? You know deep down inside him..he wants to be the best player to ever play the game. He is obsessed with statistics. You have to think that if these allegations are true, and he admits it..it will be very difficult for him.

     Now how will he be treated if he comes clean? I’m sure the fans would boo him in other ballparks, but how about in Yankee Stadium? They didn’t boo Pettitte and Giambi. I know I wouldn’t boo Alex…

     This is a life changing moment for Alex. Just one question: Did you use steroids back in 2003?

     He is in a different situation then most other players who were stamped as steroid users. This is because he is under contract to be a Yankee until 2017! Could he admit he took steroids and gain his career back? He definitely won’t be viewed in the same way he was before, but he could make the situation a whole lot better.

     Then the HOF question is brought up? IF Bonds, Clemens, McGwire, Sosa..and all those other guys don’t get in..why should A-Rod? He was a LOCK, no doubt about it HOFer, but now things have changed dramatically. People are now questioning whether he is even worthy of being in the hall or not.

     There are some many questions you can think of right now. It’s just amazing how things have changed over the past few days for Alex. First Joe Torre’s book..and now this.


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      Here are some of the latest photos taken of the new ballpark. The entrances to the ballpark look amazing. It’s better then I ever imagined it would be. I want to thank Wikipedia, YanksRule & yankies4life from Baseball-Fever for the photos.


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     Here are a few new photos of the new Yankee Stadium. I want to thank Bronx Brass Tacks & WFAN for supplying me with these great photos:


Happy Birthday Babe Ruth! (February 6, 1895 – August 16, 1948),

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     Derek Jeter’s current contract will be up after the 2010 season. This is going to be the story of that off-season for sure. How much money will he make, what position will he play, how many years will they give him? There are so many questions to ask. Will they move him to CF or find another spot for him? I don’t know.

This is from Joel Sherman’s article earlier today:

In 21 months, or just 324 regular-season games from now, Derek Jeter’s contract expires. At that point, the Yankees have to decide what to do with Jeter and Jeter has to decide what to do with the Yankees.

Jeter is extraordinarily protective of his public image, and the hardly want to be seen as disrespecting their captain.

But as we learned again this week with Torre, there are not many happily-ever-afters in these situations – and the issues and potential stress points with someone as beloved as Jeter only make the ticking clock toward November 2010 hover more ominously.

“I might not make 2011,” Cashman said. “I am dealing with 2009.”

That is the right public answer. But know this – Yankee officials already talk privately about dreading D(erek)-Day.

After all, what team official wants to tell Jeter he has to take a pay cut or has to move positions or – gulp – just has to move on? How would you like that on your baseball epitaph: You were the Yankee executive who told thanks for the memories?

Of course, the alternative is not too appetizing either. Because kowtowing to Jeter’s legacy by paying him lavishly and keeping him at short means tying yourself to a late-30s icon well beyond his expiration date.

As if the matter needs complications, Jeter will conclude his current 10-year, $189 million contract on the doorstep of 3,000 hits, a total never reached by a Yankee.

And, really, do we need complications? He is Derek Freaking Jeter. He is the very definition of Yankee. How do you explain being tied to Alex Rodriguez for 10 years, but cutting relationships with Jeter?

But how do you decide to make this a popularity contest rather than a baseball team? How do you decide to ignore all the obvious data that screams be heartless, even with Jeter?

Keep these facts in mind: The first season of a new contract would be 2011, Jeter’s age-37 season. No team has won it all with a shortstop that old, and only one (the 1956 Dodgers with Pee Wee Reese) even reached the World Series.

Just two shortstops 37 or older (Honus Wagner and Luke Appling) have generated an OPS greater than .800 (minimum 300 plate appearances), and it was last done by Appling 60 years ago.

Jeter’s offense already is trending the wrong way. Over the last three seasons, his OPS has gone from .900 to .840 to .771; his homers from 14 to 12 to 11; his steals from 34 to 15 to 11. What do you think his offense will look like in two years?

And how about his defense? Every statistical evaluation shows Jeter’s range to consistently be among the majors’ worst, and the scouting community pretty much confirms that.

By 2011, the Yanks could have either Jeter or just his future plaque at Monument Park play short; they will have about the same range.

Now imagine the 37-year-old Jeter side-by-side with the 36-year-old . Or, better yet, if you are a Yankee pitcher, don’t imagine it.

Even if the proud Jeter agreed to move positions, where would he go? The Yanks signed Mark Teixeira for eight years to play first. Jeter would not have the range for center. Would he have the offensive chops still to justify left or the defensive skills to adjust to second?


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     I am pinch hitting over at The LoHud Yankees Blog. I wrote a piece about that man behind the mic and what he means to the Yankees organization. I want to thank Yankees beat writer Peter Abraham for giving me the opportunity to participate in his Pinch Hitting series. 

Here is my entry:

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Yankee Stadium.” The man who speaks those words has been given the name, “The Voice of Yankee Stadium” or the “Voice of God,” but most fans know him as Bob Sheppard. He has been the New York Yankees public address announcer since 1951. (his debut: April 17, 1951) He was also the PA announcer for the NY Giants of the NFL from 1956-2006. Sheppard has called over 4,500 Yankees games, and has watched them win 22 AL pennants and 13 WS championships. The first lineup he ever announced contained five future HOFers: Dimaggio, Mantle, Mize, Berra, & Rizzuto. Sheppard is known for his longevity and his very unique announcing style. When a player steps up to the plate, he says: Now batting for the Yankees…the players number, his name, and his number again. (Now batting for the Yankees…#2…Derek Jeter…#2)

      Sheppard was originally a speech teacher in John Adams High School & at St. John’s University. He considers teaching his main job. He claims that public address announcing is his part-time job. That same part-time job has lasted 56 years for the Yankees. He believes that the most important thing any public speaker has to have is audibility. Well don’t worry Bob..we hear you loud and clear!

     His booming voice throughout the stadium will never be forgotten, and will always be part of Yankee Stadium lore. Young players and fans only dream of stepping up to the plate at Yankee Stadium and hearing that voice announce their name. Sheppard missed the entire final season at Yankee Stadium. Jim Hall subbed in for him throughout the season. Derek Jeter didn’t feel comfortable of someone else announcing his name, so he had the organization record Mr. Sheppard’s voice. He is the only Yankee with that privilege. It just shows how much the players respect him and how much it means to them. Bob Sheppard is so beloved, that they might even consider using his voice forever.

  • St. John’s university created an award in honor of Bob Sheppard. It’s called the Sheppard Trophy, and it’s given to the most outstanding student-athlete.
  • His microphone has been encased in the Baseball HOF in Cooperstown, NY.
  • To honor Sheppard’s 50th season as the Yankees PA announcer, the team created a plaque in his honor in Monument Park.
  • He has also been given World Series Championship rings and an NFL Super Bowl Championship ring honoring his role with the Yanks’ and the Giants.
  • Bob has also appeared in a few movies, including  Anger Management, 61*, The Scout and The Bronx Is Burning. His voice can also be heard on three episodes of Seinfeld. (The Letter, The Masseuse, & The Chaperone)

     Sheppard has never really mentioned how old he really is. Some sites list his birthday as October 12, 1910, which would make him 98 years-old. That is truly amazing. Mr. Sheppard has stated that he is under contract to announce the first game in the new Yankee Stadium this upcoming season. I think I can speak for all Yankee fans in saying that we wish Mr. Sheppard would get better and return to the new Yankee Stadium. It just wouldn’t be the same without him.

“I have one style of speaking, … It’s the same at Yankee Stadium, at home, in the classroom, or when I lector at Mass.” ~Bob Sheppard


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