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The 2013 MLB All-Star Game may decide whether the AL or NL receives home field advantage in the World Series, but there was a bigger story that night. At least, for us Yankees fans. Mariano Rivera jogged out of the bullpen in the 8th inning (a decision by AL manager Jim Leyland to make sure he would make it into the game) to a stirring tribute. Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” blared through the stadium, as a rousing applause and standing ovation came from both the players and fans to one of the game’s greatest players. Rivera tipped his cap graciously to the crowd and his fellow all-stars, giving everyone a memory that they will never forget. Mariano proceeded to toss a 1-2-3 8th inning and the American League went onto win the game 3-0. To top it off, Rivera received the All-Star Game MVP Award, becoming the first reliever to ever receive that honor. Mariano delivered a speech at the end of the game, thanking the fans and stated, “You guys almost made me cry.”

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Photo Courtesy of Kevin Rozell

When Hiroki Kuroda signed a one-year contract with the Yankees this past January, my initial reaction wasn’t so great. I’ve never been a fan of pitchers transfering from the National League to the American League. It just didn”t sit well with me, and we’ve seen plenty of pitchers come over and you see a big spike in their numbers; especially when they enter the AL East. You just think, “Here we go again.”

As the season has gone on, I’ve watched this guy and have been more than impressed. His W/L record doesn’t do him justice, and sometimes that’s beyond his control. He’s also on the verge of having a sub-3.00ERA. Maybe he’s not our so-called “ace,” as that’s really supposed to be CC’s rank, but he’s sure pitching like one. Let’s hope the best is yet to come.

Kuroda’s 2012 Stats: 159.0IP  (W-L) 11-8  3.06ERA  54ER  38BB  121K

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From Kurt Snibbe of ESPN Page 2:

Here at Page 2, we support truth in advertising. With that in mind, we’ve updated every MLB logo to more accurately portray each team. Check out the American League below:

Feel free to laugh at the Mets logo..I thought it was prett clever: (the rest of the National League)

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American League vs National League

Pitching Matchup

RHP Ubaldo Jiménez (15-1, 2.20) vs LHP David Price (12-4, 2.42)


American League

Ichiro Suzuki RF, Derek Jeter SS, Miguel Cabrera 1B, Josh Hamilton CF, Vladimir Guerrero DH, Evan Longoria 3B, Joe Mauer C, Robinson Cano 2B, Carl Crawford LF

National League

Hanley Ramirez SS, Martin Prado 2B, Albert Pujols 1B, Ryan Howard DH, David Wright 3B, Ryan Braun LF, Andre, Ethier CF, Corey Hart RF, Yadier Molina C

The game will take place at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California. It’s slated to start at 8PM ET. The game is being televised on FOX. Enjoy the game.

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This year’s All-Star Game is now being called “Challenge the Yankees”….just like the card game from the 1960’s! Think about it…the whole American League roster is filled with New York Yankees.

Joe Girardi, Dave Eiland, Mike Harkey, Mick Kelleher, Kevin Long, Tony Peña, Rob Thompson, Nick Swisher, Derek Jeter, Robinson Cano, Phil Hughes, Andy Pettitte, CC Sabathia and Alex Rodriguez are all headed to the Midsummer Classic in Anaheim, California. With the possibility of Cliff Lee landing on the Yankees, the roster could consist of 15 people associated with the New York Yankees organization. And this list doesn’t even include Mariano Rivera..think about that!

National League vs The Bronx Bombers…are you ready?

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Apparently, Curt Schilling didn’t talk enough during his professional career, so he’s decided to take a dig at Yankees starting pitcher, Javier Vazquez. Javy is taking a lot of heat from his hometown fans right now, and now this garbage comes up. Do Yankee fans start to back up Javy now? Probably not, but I would like to think they would. Curt Schilling is not a dumb guy, but a lot of the time he says things that aren’t necessary.

“It is easier to pitch and be successful in the National League than it is the American League,” Schilling said on 1050’s ESPNewYork.com show with Seth Everett. “If anyone thinks that Javier Vazquez is going to be different the second time around than he was the first time I think they are fooling themselves.”

Schilling added it might not matter that much on the mound because the Yankees can overcome Vazquez’s average pitching.

“On that team with that offense, he can win a lot of games,” Schilling said. “You are not asking him to lead your rotation.”

Schilling reiterated that there are “no Pittsburgh Pirates” in the AL and there is the New York factor.

“Here’s the thing about Javy and I tried to preface this, but the negative always drowns out the positive,” Schilling said. “I love the kid. He has phenomenal stuff. I thought he was a superstar when he was in Montreal, but I think you are kidding yourself if you think the second time in New York will be different than the first time. I’m not sure why that would be.”

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