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My grandpa Danny passed away this past week a few months shy of his 89th birthday. This man was a real hero to me, as he helped out my father and grandmother raise me along with my brothers. I had a special relationship with him, considering he lived with me and it’s an opportunity most kids don’t get the chance to have.

My grandfather served our country in WWII, (although he never saw battle) and played baseball for the army. I found some old articles from a newspaper, in which my grandpa’s name appeared. He played 3rd base with the 3245th ordnance in a softball tournament, and this is what it said: “The big gunner for the 3245th was Rozell who came up big with a single and a double”. I actually still have his old Rawlings baseball glove which is over 70 years old, as seen in the picture below.

And boy..did he love the Yankees! He’s the main reason why I’m such a big fan of the Yankees today. My grandpa loved to do two things with his free time, play his harmonica and watch baseball. He always used to come to my little league games, have a catch with me in the backyard, and watch any ballgames he could.

The game of baseball creates a one-of-a-kind bond between fathers/grandfathers and sons/grandchildren, brothers and siblings, and friends. I felt like I definitely had that sort of relationship with him. Life is about a lot more than baseball, but it’s something I will always remember about him. Even though he didn’t understand what was going on with the Yankees this season, I’m sure he would have loved to see those Yankees claim their 27th championship. This one was for him.


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