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The Basball Writers Association has spoken. In their opinion, Robbie Cano is only the third most valuable player in the American League.

I’m still trying to decipher why Robbie only finished third – and a distant third, at that. Hamilton (.359, 32, 100) and Cabrera (.328, 38,126) both had great individual seasons. But apparently, the BBWAA forgot the meaning of “valuable.”

Otherwise, how does a player whose team finished 13 games out of first place finish second?

How does a player who missed almost the entire month of September finish first?

And how does Jose Bautista, whose team finished in fourth, get a first-place vote but Robbie Cano doesn’t get any?

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NEW YORK- SEPTEMBER 25: Alex Rodriguez

With the Yankees 1 strike away from another loss and lifeless night at the plate, Alex Rodriguez singled-handedly carried the Yankees to a much needed win tonight, catapulting the team into first place and burying any thoughts from New England that the Red Sox had a chance. Big homeruns are nothing new for ARod, as his inability to “come through in the clutch”, has always been more of a media and fan perception then reality (He’s hit as well in the post-season for his career as he has during the regular season). Yes, he’s a polarizing figure, because of his contract, former agent, the many dumb things he’s said and done throughout his career, but one thing is certain, ARod since joining the Yankees has been their best and most important player.

If we take a stroll down memory lane you will remember after the 2004 collapse, it was ARod who drew most of the heat (with Kevin Brown and Javy Vazquez feeling the wrath as well). The 3 members of the “Core 4” (Andy was in Houston), all underperformed that series (Mo blew game 4, Jeter and Posada both hit poorly), but had the 4 rings as currency. Two years later, Clueless Joe after 3 games dropped ARod to 8th in the lineup versus Detroit in the ALDS, heightening the feeding frenzy for both fans and media. In 2007 ARod carried the Yankees to the playoffs having a monster season and winning his 2nd MVP as a Yankee. To put that into perspective, before ARod you have to go back to the early ‘60s to find a Yankee that had won multiple MVPs (Mantle and Maris). However, despite Wang having an awful series and Jeter/Posada going a combined 5 for 32 with 0 HR, once again ARod was the scapegoat.

As we all know, last year ARod in the post-season carried an ineffective Yankees offense (Teixeira, Cano and Swisher were inept) getting several monster hits and this year despite a mediocre season by his standards, has come through repeatedly late in ball games. ARod generates headlines, brings fans to the ballpark, but above all in good times and in bad is the focal point of the Yankees. If you could pick one guy on the Yankees you would want up down a run in the 9th, who would you pick? I know who I would want up…ARod, the man, the myth, the legend, the face of the Yankees 27th World Series championship and hopefully a few more.

With that I’ll leave you with this final note: ARod during his 7 years as a Yankee has accumulated a 46.8 WAR, the next closest Yankee during that same time period has been Jeter with a 32.1 WAR. To give that disparity some context, you would have to delete ARod’s 2 MVP season’s (’04 – 6.6 WAR and ’07 – 9.2 WAR), to have their WAR values be similar. Yeah that ARod…he’s pretty good.

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