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Barring the end of the world in 2012, Derek Jeter is assured of going into the Hall of Fame especially if he fills all the record books as we think he will. What most people don’t know is that Derek Jeter will set another Yankee first when he goes into the Hall of Fame.

When Derek gets elected on the first ballot, he will be the first Yankees player to win the Rookie of the Year award and to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

Out of 150+ players to be Rookie of the Year, only 13 of those players have been enshrined in Cooperstown. They are: Jackie Robinson, Luis Aparicio, Rod Carew, Carlton Fisk, Eddie Murray, Cal Ripken Jr, Willie Mays, Frank Robinson, Orlando Cepeda, Willie McCovey, Billy Williams, Tom Seaver, Johnny Bench.

And it’s likely Mike Piazza and possibly Jeff Bagwell will be on this list in the next few years one would think. Pretty exclusive company, eh?

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New York Post recently posted many ‘Best of 00’ lists and surprise, surprise, the Yankees are on a good few of them. Here are the lists and where the Yankees land on them.

Decade’s 10 best moments in Big Apple sports:

No. 8: Derek Jeter’s ‘Flip’ play in the 2001 ALDS vs Oakland

No. 6: World Series Miracles (Games 4 & 5 of 2001 World Series)

No. 4: Aaron Boone’s 2003 ALCS Homerun

No. 3: Yankees New Stadium, Yankees 2009 World Series Championship

No. 2: Yankees win Subway World Series

Big Apple’s Best and Worst Franchise of the Decade:

Best Franchise of the Decade: Yankees

Big Apple’s 10 Best Coaches of the Decade:

No. 3: Joe Girardi

No. 1: Joe Torre

Big Apple’s 10 Best Athletes of the Decade:

No. 4: Alex Rodriguez

No. 2: Mariano Rivera

No. 1: Derek Jeter

Big Apple’s 10 Worst Moments of the Decade:

No. 8: Clemens tosses bat at Piazza (2000 World Series)

No. 6: Rivera blows Game 7 vs D’Backs (2001 World Series)

No. 4: Steroid Revelations

No. 1: The Curse of the Bambino is Broken (2004)

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Before you rip into presents, go to midnight Mass, start the airing of grievances and feats of strengths, there are a few items of business to pass along in Yankees land.

While it is not part of Yankees news, I came across a website selling Yankees Ornaments and other Christmas goodness. The website is New York Yankees Christmas. Now, you can go open your early presents, air your grievances, have your feats of strength, etc al.

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