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“We’ve been down this road before. Alex is a teammate. I support him. Our whole team is behind him. We all support him,” Jeter told Jimmy Trania is an interview that will be posted in full tomorrow.

“To be quite honest with you, it’s old hearing the same questions. It’s something that’s been addressed before in the past. Everyone’s moved beyond it. And it doesn’t really need to be addressed again.”


In other news…

     I just had to mention Adam Graves having his number retired tonight. His number was raised to the MSG rafters tonight next to his former teammates. It was a great moment for all NY Rangers fans. He was one of the finest people to play the game. He was a great player, and showed his true colors off the ice. Congratulations Adam Graves!

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     There was a lot of support for Joe Torre at Barnes & Noble today. Fans waited in line patiently to meet him and get their copy of the book signed. Even a bunch of LA Dodgers fans showed up to the book signing. The books were flying off the shelves. According to one employee, all the copies of the book were sold out soon after noon. The line stretched down the corner of the street, and halfway down the next block. The people who showed up sure didn’t come to heckle him. My copy of the book should be here any day now. Can’t wait… 

  • Joe Torre was on WFAN with Mike Francesa earlier today. Check out the interview here.


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     Andy Pettitte was invited to speak yesterday at the  Heights Baptist Church in Richardson. He signed baseballs and cards for kids who showed up, but he went there to speak about the stereotypical image. He spoke to the crowd about the struggles of taking care of a family and having a high-profile career. Andy said that “money and fame mean nothing.” Check out the video here.

After signing his name more than a few times, Pettitte made his way to the pulpit.  “I am not a preacher; I’m a baseball player,” he said.

“Sometimes young people may think that when they see things on TV, they see what you would call a celebrity; that they don’t have problems,” he said.

He said, “My wife was home with my kids when my son was having health problems and just putting a lot of stress on me.”

He also told the crowd of 6,000 that the money and fame mean nothing; something long-time friends of his, like Heights Baptist Church Pastor John Wills, took to heart.  “He really felt like God wanted him to be a little bit more bold about his belief,” said Wills.


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     Hal Steinbrenner was on WFAN yesterday. The first thing Francesa asked him was…guess? Joe Torre’s book: “The Yankee Years.”  Hal didn’t read the book yet, so he didn’t have much to say.

When Mike asked him, Hal responded:

Asked for his reaction, Steinbrenner said: “I don’t really have any, Mike, because, as you said, I haven’t seen it. I don’t even know anybody that’s seen it. I’m amazed you got a copy, quite frankly.
But I’ve been around long enough. On occasion, the media’s been known to overdramatize certain things, and we may find that’s the case here. But I just have no way of knowing.”

     Hal also spoke about Spring Training, the new Yankee Stadium, how the team is running, and the concessions company Legends Hospitality.

Here are some quotes courtesy of Peter Abraham:

 on The Boss…  “He’s looking forward to spring training.”

 on the organization…  “I’m the control person but this is a family business,” he said.

 on last season and the upcoming season…  He said last year was “tremendously disappointing.” Based on the additions, he expects a better team in 2009. Steinbrenner just said he thought Joe Girardi did a “great job” but adjustments had to be made.

 can the Yankees duplicate their run of the 90’s…  “I would expect nothing less,” he said.

 if he will be a hands-on owner…   “Right or wrong, I’m a little less like that than my dad was,” he said.

 on selling the team…   “We have no intention of selling,” he said.


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