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In part two of our Yankees vs Red Sox series we examine the outfield between both teams. You can see our infield comparison here. We will be judging each outfield starter on their defensive and offensive contributions this year.

Brett Gardner/Randy Winn vs. Jacoby Ellsbury

Offensive Edge: Ellsbury. Gardner in a small sample last year didn’t light the world on fire and Winn came off a bad season. With as much speed Ellsbury possesses, he doesn’t need to hit the ball far to create havoc. If Winn rounds back into pre-2009 form (.300 BA, 10-20 HR, 60-80 RBI) and Gardner continues to have success with his speed, the platoon of Winn/Gardner could be better than Ellsbury by himself.

Defensive Edge: Slight edge to Ellsbury. Ellsbury (minus taking weird routes to flyballs) was a good CF’er in 2009. With a smaller field to work with in 2010 he should have similar success in Boston’s 5 sq feet of left field. Winn is a serviceable outfielder however, he is getting older and we have seen the effects of age (see Damon) on older players. It is possible that Gardner could be just as good as Ellsbury and time will tell.

Curtis Granderson vs Mike Cameron

Offensive Edge: Granderson. Granderson has potential to be a .280, 30 HR, 100 RBI hitter with 30+ stolen bases while Cameron has never hit above .272 in his career. Cameron has 25+ HR power and ability to drive in runs in buckets, but that doesn’t over come his .250 lifetime batting average.

Defensive Edge: Slight edge to Cameron. What Cameron lacks in batting average, he makes for fielding ability. He is a three time Gold Glove winner. The only question is how long can his 37 year old legs allow him to defend well? Granderson is also a good fielder in his own right, however he had a down year in 2009 and looks to rebound in a smaller ballpark.

Nick Swisher vs J.D. Drew

Offensive Edge: Slight Edge to Drew. Drew and Swishalicious have comparable stats, however, Drew has a higher career average and consistently hits .270-.280.

Defensive Edge: Negligible. Another one that I had to go to the stats for. From what I can tell, these two won’t light the world on fire, but they will get the job done.

Overall Edge: This round goes to the Red Sox, unfortunately. However, I feel that the differences between the two outfields are so small, that any change or injury could swing the difference either way.

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UPDATE 8:38pm:

Johnny Damon has indicated through his people that if the Yankees were to offer less than $13 million per year to not even send in an offer.

Man, talk about someone who thinks highly of himself. The ball is in Cashman’s court now, time to see how Cashman returns Damon’s serve..


Apparently, Johnny Damon does not care to play the waiting game with Brian Cashman.

Johnny Damon had this to say yesterday:

I am going to start looking around. Teams are getting better and there are teams interested, I can’t wait forever and I am sure [the Yankees] are trying to figure things out. I have to be ready.

At this point in time with the Yankees highly unlikely to be involved in the sweepstakes for Jason Bay OR Matt Holliday, Johnny Damon has become their best option on the free agent market.

Unfortunately for the Yankees, Damon is still seeking a 3 year/$39 million contract. Which might be a little bit richer than what Brian Cashman is wanting. Damon references Pettitte’s raise in salary and the fact that Mike Cameron got two years from Boston as reasons why he wants what he wants.

Considering what options are available (Carlos Delgado, Juan Miranda, Mike Jacobs), if I were Brian Cashman, I would almost try to come close to that offer, maybe make the third year an option year. If Cashman didn’t sit back and let things develop, the Yankees might not even be in this situation. I hope Cashman has some sort of plan, because if he does, he’s not letting us know.

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Update: 3:00PM ET: From Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News:

Despite a published report linking the Yankees to Bay, it’s unlikely that the Bombers will join the Mets as serious bidders for the free-agent All-Star outfielder.

According to a Yankees source, the club has no interest in signing Bay to a long-term deal, not wanting to commit more than $60 million to another outfielder.


Now that John Lackey and Mike Cameron have joined the Red Sox and Godzilla has joined the Halos, did you think that the Yankees would stand by and let all the fun be had?

The Yankees have officially contacted Jason Bay’s representatives, though there aren’t many other details past that. It doesn’t appear that the Yankees have made an offer either, though it wouldn’t be surprising if they did considering what has transpired over the past 24 hours or so.

Originally the Yankees had interest in Mike Cameron this offseason and last offseason, but obviously he is going elsewhere in 2010.

With Johnny Damon on the clock and as time goes on, one has to feel Johnny might try and test the open market, which might be why the Yankees have inquired about Bay.

Last year, I had no idea that the Yankees were in the running for Mark Teixeira, so it might be possible that the Yankees are slipping in quietly to make an offer to Bay…..or seeing how much it would cost. Bay is reportedly going to make a decision in the next few days, so we’ll see, won’t we?

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Wrapping up the first day of ther Winter Meetings:

-Pete Caldera reports that Andy Pettitte can expect an offer of over $10 million when the Yanks make their formal pitch to the 37-year-old lefty, according to a source familiar with the club’s thinking.

-John Heyman reports that Johnny Damon is another Yankees priority and they are expected to offer about $20 million over two years to keep him. Yankees’ backup plans are: for pitcher, Pineiro and Wolf; and for outfielder, Mike Cameron, Jermaine Dye, Curtis Granderson and possibly Byrd.

-According to Marc Carig, the team “told entire coaching staff that they’d be offered jobs again.”

-Joel Sherman reports, both the Yankees and Mets have interest in Kelvim Escobar. He might pitch in Venezuela in December to show his health.

-According to ESPN.com’s Jayson Stark, the Mariners, Giants, Mets, Red Sox, Diamondbacks, Orioles, and Yankees are interested in Nick Johnson.

-Tyler Kepner reports that the Yanks interested in Chapman, but at less than $15 mill

Chad Jennings has a ton of updates for us:

-Just talked to a source who seems to agree with most of the conventional thinking that’s floating around. He sees the Yankees going after Johnny Damon but letting Hideki Matsui slide, he sees Andy Pettitte as an early key to the Yankees offseason, and he’d rather keep Phil Hughes and give up Joba Chamberlain in a trade for Roy Halladay. He also has some Red Sox notes for us: (more…)

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Here are a few rumors floating around at the Winter Meetings:

Curtis Granderson- Club official from a team interested in Granderson said that he thinks the Yankees really want the centerfielder.

Mark DeRosa- According to Marc Carig of the Star Ledger, DeRosa’s agent says Yankees have had initial talks and they are planning to meet with Cashman this week

 Mike Cameron- From River Ave Blues: Joel Sherman reports that the Cubs “want Mike Cameron for CF, but so might Yankees, which could be interesting since Cubs like Melky Cabrera.”

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     Brian Cashman has done his job for the most part, but some things need to be settled. He brought in the top FA players, but they need to decide on a CF & a #5 starter. Here is a review…

The Good: Cashman signs top FA players. CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, & Mark Teixeira.

  • Brian Cashman did a brilliant job of bringing in CC, AJ, & Tex. He got two of the best FA pitchers on the market, and brought in a big bat to complete the lineup. The Yankees finally have an “ACE” and have arguably the best rotation in all of baseball. Teixeira provides higher average and gold glove defense at 1st base. That is something Giambi couldn’t supply. These moves make the Yankees early favorites to win the World Series. You can’t really ask for anything else.

The Bad: CF Solution Solution. Melky Cabrera & Brett Gardner?

  • Are they going into Spring Training with these two guys or not? They need to decide soon as players will be reporting to ST in the coming weeks. Fans are outraged that we have two young guys competing for the spot, and it will be interesting to see if they make a move or not. Are Andruw Jones, Lastings Milledge, David DeJesus, Ken Griffey Jr, & Mike Cameron possibilities?

And The Ugly: #5 Starter. Pettitte’s future uncertain.

  • Still a true Yankee? I would like to think so. Many believe that if he doesn’t come back..that it tarnishes his legacy as a Yankee. I actually want him to return, but he has refused the Yankees $10M offer and there haven’t been any negotiations going on lately. They need some depth in the rotation, so if he doesn’t come back then they might have to go after some other pitcher. I would go with Phil Hughes in the #5 spot, but as everyone knows..you can never have too much pitching. Cashman needs to step up to the plate and ask Pettitte if he is going to return or not, because this is dragging out to long and the news has become annoying. Get it done already… 

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