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From Forbes.com:

The Most Disliked People In Sports

According to the latest surveys by California-based E-Poll Market Research, these 10 sports figures rank lowest on the public’s likability scorecard. Candidacy was limited to active athletes, coaches, managers, owners, agents and broadcasters. A 10% minimum awareness level with the American public was also a prerequisite.

Alex Rodriguez: New York Yankees: Percent Dislike: 45%

A-Rod is down five spots from last year, when steroid talk dominated the conversation and his (championship) ring finger was still bare. Then again, Tiger and Roethlisberger did plenty to jump ahead of him since then, while McGwire only became eligible this year after taking the Cardinals’ hitting coach job.

From the NY Daily News:

Things got better for A-Rod, a year after he admitted using steroids while he played with the Texas Rangers. While 57% of people disliked A-Rod in 2009, only 45% of people disapprove of him Wednesday.

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