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The Yankees recent World Series victory got me thinking about the birth of a new dynasty. Some say it’s impossible to build a dynasty these days with all the different teams out there and the competitive free agent market. We saw the Bronx Bombers build a dynasty in the late 90’s, which stood strong until the blooper up the middle off of Gonzo’s bat.

My question is..can it be done again? It’s very rare that we see back-to-back champs, or even three straight championship victories. You can be the best team out there, and still not win it all. Entering the postseason, it’s all about the hottest team and situational hitting. The Yankees were unstoppable in the playoffs this past postseason, mainly because of their starting rotation and they got the big hits when it mattered most.

I think it can definitely be done, especially with the Yankees because they have such great financial resources. Bring in a big-time free agent, let go some of the older veterans, and bring in a new group of youngsters. That’s how it’s done. It’s about having a mix of experienced players and the next generation. Decisions need to be made on Damon, Matsui, Pettitte, Wang, Hughes and Joba. It’s hard to say if Cashman will pull the right strings this time around, (he certainly had a terrific 2008 off-season) but I feel that if he follows that plan than it could work.

Some of my suggestions: Sign either one: Damon/Matsui, Bring in John Lackey or Roy Halladay (all depending on what they are asking for), call up Austin Jackson. If they let Matsui and Damon go than they must go after a big time outfielder…possibly Matt Holliday. (more…)

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With the strike of madness, let the bidding for John Lackey, Jason Bay, Matt Holliday begin! Though this year, the Yankees aren’t as likely to spend more money than most 3rd world nations do in a year. Given, this year, the Yankees have are in a slight different position after handily putting away the Phillies in six games to claim championship #27.

Then again, after making a huge splash last year with CC , I didn’t at all expect the signing of Mark Teixeira, so I am open to surprises and will expect anything.

Last year, I was ecstatic to shed the contracts of Jason Giambi, Carl Pavano and Kyle Farnsworth. If I could have, I would have been at the stadium to waive goodbye as they left the home team for the final time. This year, if either one of Pettitte, Matsui, or Damon don’t return, I will be saddened. Alas, that is the nature of the beast.

While it isn’t expected the Yankees are to be big players in free agency, if they acquired Roy Halladay during this time (which is a possibility now), I’d certainly be happy.

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Matt Holliday-Johnny Damon

From Ken Davidoff’s Baseball Insider:

According to a person in the loop, Matt Holliday’s top choices in free agency are: 1) Yankees; and 2) Mets. The Oklahoma native is apparently not intimidated by New York. As of now, I’d say the Yankees don’t want to make another large purchase like that, in the wake of last winter’s shopping spree – and if they win it all, then the pressure from the yakosphere (trademark Neil Best) to get Holliday should alleviate.

The Mets? Based on Jeff Wilpon’s words from a few weeks ago, they’ll consider anything and everything. Of course, many industry folks are very skeptical that the Mets will actually do so.

Holliday’s primary reservation about joining the Mets? Yup, hitting at Citi Field. Maybe they can alter the dimensions? Jerry Manuel hinted near the end of the season that wasn’t impossible.

I remember Holliday’s father said this last December:

“If someone would have called me today and said Matt had gotten traded to the Yankees, I’d have been hunting for a place to celebrate”.

Jon Heyman has a source that says Matt Holliday would command 7 years and $150 million on the free agent market this off-season. It seems like a steep price to me. That might be what he says now, but I’m sure it will change.

Holliday’s top two choices would be the Yankees or Mets. Is that a problem for the Yankees? No, they have the resources to get whoever they want. As for the Mets, I don’t think they would go that high for him. The Mets need Holliday more than the Yankees do. That’s for sure. Also, I don’t think Holliday will like the fact that the Mets built a ballpark where it’s difficult to hit home runs.

With Johnny Damon’s pending free agency, the Yankees will have an opening in left field that he can fill. You know the Yankees always like to make a big splash in the off-season every year. Whether they win the World Series or not, you know that the team is going to try and improve in some way. With $50 million coming off the books after the season, they will have plenty of money to play around with.

Why not add some more power to the deadliest lineup in the majors? Can you imagine the offense? Seriously…Teixeira-Rodriguez-Holliday. That’s insane.

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